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Our features help you establish standardized, efficient, and repeatable hiring processes so you can ramp up and hire the right people at scale.

Recruitment platform features

Post jobs to more than 50 job distribution channels including Google, Indeed, and LINE Jobs, filter and track candidates, and deploy online assessment to hit 100% on your hiring plans.

Publish jobs

Create and Publish Jobs with just simple steps.

Team member management

Invite your team member to collaborate in your recruitment process.

Custom user role management

Custom your team member access, grant or deny permission for specific features.

Branded career page

Brand your company with a customized theme career page

Pre-assessment questions

Provide pre-qualified question to help you filtering candidate.

Basic assessment questions

Create your time-based assessment to help you understand your candidate skills.

Auto disqualified candidate

Help you to automate the recruitment process / determine qualified candidate (support with pre, basic, and psychometric assessments).

Blacklist candidate

Help you filter unwanted candidates.

Download CV applicant

Download your candidate CV to your personal database.

External user feedback

Get feedback from external recruiter without inviting them to the platform.

Bulk action (e-mail, video interview, assessment)

Help you to do things for several applicants with ease.

Custom hiring plan

Configure your hiring plan based on your recruitment process.

Custom email templates

Configure your pre-defined email text to improve how you can communicate with your candidate.

Collaborative hiring features

Involve other recruiters to understand about the candidate by mentioning team member.

Send email

Send emails from Urbanhire platform, and you can continue to communicate from your email.

Inteview scheduling

Setup schedule for an interview with your candidates.

Hiring Form

Send the hiring form for completing early stage of hiring information.

Interview form & rating

Conduct an interview and rate your candidate interview result to determine qualified candidate.

Interview form & rating

Conduct an interview and rate your candidate interview result to determine qualified candidate.

Employee form

Send the employee form for completing hired candidate information.

Document Template

Setup document template and generate the document for each candidate.

Employee referral

Add job exposure through employee referral program to boost your candidate sourcing channel.

Video Interview

Do recruitment process with pre-recorded video interview to improve hiring time.

Psychometric assessment

Send candidate psychometric assessment to help you to determine the qualified candidate.

Social media job sharing

Share your jobs to social media to increase the exposure of your job post.

Multiple companies (Group/Holding companies)

Manage multiple companies under 1 account.

Resume search

Find your best candidate through Urbanhire applicant database.

Hiring overview report

Learn and analyze your recruitment process behaviour.

Job traffic report

Learn and analyze how well your job post from all connected source.

Hired applicant feedback

Ask feedback to your hired candidate about how well your recruitment process was.

Job widget integration

Integrate Urbanhire job posting code with a simple line of code and connected to the company website.

HRIS integration

Export hired candidate to your connected HRIS account to help reduce administrative task.

Free job boards

Boost your job post to premium university channel to increase the chance of getting the best candidates.

Free job boards

Boost your job post to free job boards that already connected with Urbanhire.

Online assessments features

Choose from a variety of online assessment tools, including online assessment from Mercer Mettl. Find out how close a match the candidate will be to your company’s hiring requirements.

Psychometric Test

Help you find candidate with best personality and work behaviour.

Coding Test

Measure your candidate coding skills to find best talent.

Aptitude Test

Help you find candidate with desired talents, interest, and intelligence.

Domain Test

Help you determine job matching with candidate through functionality test.

Job portal features

Our job portal helps talents explore positions available at different companies, both from employers on our platform and from other sources. Inquire about white-labeling our job portal.


Registration with easy and simple steps.

Social media sign in

A simplified sign-in process with social media.

Profile setup

Complete your profile setup once, so you don't have to worry when applying for jobs.


Put your most updated work document in one place to make your applying job process easier.

Work preferences

Setup your work preference to match with your job search experience.

Search jobs

Search and find your dream jobs avaialble from a top employer.

Job filtering

Help you finding jobs suitable for your preference.

Applying jobs

Apply to your dream jobs with simple steps, complete your profile to make it even easier.

Save job

Not ready to apply? Save the job for now. It won't go anywhere.

Report job

Help up to report any suspicious job post. We make sure to provide you with a trusted employer.

Job alert

Make sure you are up to date with your dream job, set up your keyword and we will notify you.

Email notification for work invitation

Make sure you are ready to have an invitation from the top recruiter, the recruiter will send you an update about your job application.

Manpower planning features

Our manpower planning platform integrates your talent acquisition from budget planning to execution. Understand your recruitment budget and allow business units to manage their requests digitally.


Simple setup your table preferences, suitable for your manpower planning needs.


Invite your team to collaborate on your manpower planning process.

Line of approval

Setup approval process and make sure all necessary process is complete

Comprehensive dashboard

View overview of manpower planning with powerful information on one page.


Make a better decision with insight report. See your budget and manpower allocation throughout the year.

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