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Urbanhire is the centerpiece of your Recruitment and HR Tech Stack. We partner with a broad range of third-party apps and tools who are solving very specific recruiting and HR tasks to provide you a seamless and integrated experience. Tap into the modern hiring ecosystem and use multiple tools without ever leaving our robust platform.


Filter, screen, and identify qualified candidates faster with online skills, psychometric, and behavior tests. Send assessments and view results straight on your Urbanhire dashboard.

AON Cut-e

AON Cut-e's innovative and internationally accredited online assessment instruments help HR professionals and line managers to make reliable and defendable talent decisions. Their tools are built on the solid foundations of research and psychometric and are short, meaningful and user-friendly.


Mettl is an online platform that provides skill assessments for corporate clients for hiring and training and development. It provides a pre-existing testing library and also customizes tests for specific needs of an employer. Its proctoring technology enables cheating prevention using facial and keystroke recognition to verify the test taker and monitor him using the webcam.


Link your recruitment platform to an HRIS system of your choice. Connect us with your preferred HRIS partner if the platform is not listed on our list.

Greatday HR

Greatday HR is a comprehensive HR Management Software that allows companies to gain competitive advantage by improving the quality of the people and the efficiency of business processes.


Talenta helps you with onboarding your new employees, managing your employee data and files, time-off and over time, and the most importantly: payroll - all in the web that your whole team can use right away without any installation or implementation.


Gadjian is the a cloud-based payroll application (HR & payroll software) in Indonesia. Gadjian helps the company's operations in managing employees as well as make salary calculation and administration, permits, sick, leave, BPJS, PPh21 (including multi NPWP) and shift settings.

Job advertising

Maximize your job opening's exposure to as many potential candidates as possible with Urbanhire's free and premium job advertising partners.


KompasKarier.com is the job portal arm of Kompas Media Group, the largest media company in Indonesia.


As one of the world's largest job sites, Indeed helps millions of job seekers and employers find the right fit.


Employer branding and job advertising products, which help employers recruit top talent faster.


Jobplanet is a job portal that provides salary info, company reviews, employee reviews, and job vacancy listing.

And many others. Explore Urbanhire's 50+ job advertising partners from within the app.

Video interview

Save time by having candidates record short videos answering a set of predefined questions. Send the questions and view the responses on your Urbanhire dashboard.


With Astronaut, the depth of information that you receive about every candidate goes far beyond that on a CV. Choose the right questions to match the role, and the candidates answer via recorded video. It makes the application screening process simple, easy and fast for both you and the candidates.

Become an Urbanhire integration partner

Urbanhire streamlines the recruiting process for business of all sizes. Partner with us to integrate your product directly with our dashboard to maximize the experience of our users.
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