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Fungsi : human resources


<h4 class="small-intro">The Team:</h4> <p class="margin-bottom-30">The mission for the People Ops department is to be the support system of the company. Our goal is to ensure the daily life of the office is well maintained. We encompass many aspects of the company, from Finance, Human Resources and General Administration. The department&apos;s value lies on the team&apos;s work efficiency accompanied by compassionate hearts. </p> <h4 class="small-intro">Responsibilities:</h4> <div class="feature-wrapper-list margin-bottom-30"><ul> <li>Help the company fulfill its headcount needs</li> <li>Find the best channel for recruiting people</li> <li>Networking with potential employees or other sources of potential employees</li> <li>Negotiate offer letter with employees and be able to close candidate in a very good rate.</li> <li>Be up to date with the latest trends in the recruiting landscape, whose company is hiring, laying off people, market salary information, to make sure our offer are competitive.</li> <li>Understand job description well and can map the job requirements into the right person to interview and close</li> <li>Sharp and be able to detect if a person will be a good fit for the company or not.&#xA0;</li> <li>Tireless, consistent in approaching potential leads</li> </ul></div> <h4 class="small-intro">About You:</h4> <div class="feature-wrapper-list margin-bottom-30"><ul> <li>Has 2-5 years experience working as recruiter/headhunter in a mature startups, headhunting company or consulting firms.&#xA0;</li> <li>Understand company needs and can give the best advice to fulfill company needs.</li> <li>Familiar with legal documents and government policies</li> <li>Extroverts, enjoy networking with people and have the ability to connect people with the right opportunity.</li> <li>An individual with a strong sense of responsibilities and independence</li> <li>Meticulous, well-organized, able to multi-task</li> <li>Willing to travel around the city</li> <li>Can communicate well both verbally and written</li> <li>Personable and can mix well with different type of people</li> <li>Work fast and computer savvy</li> </ul></div>

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We are a technology startup that engages in the Indonesian financial technology area. We are based in Jakarta and we're founded by ex-silicon valley engineers. Our vision is to use technology to make financial information more available and more useful to everyone. Our mission is to enable people to take control of their financial situation and save a lot of money by doing so. Our products allow people to easily make the best financial decision for their situation. Come join our adventure in transforming Indonesian financial landscape through technology.


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