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<p><strong>The Opportunity</strong></p> <p>At RebelWorks, web technology is the frontier and future of human-machine interface. If you have the same goals to tinker and test and invent new mobile-based technology, then Rebelworks will give you the perfect opportunity to apply your mobile development skill and expand your skills to the next generation of programming languages. If you ever feel that you can build better applications, better system, better security, better experience than those web applications out there, that is because you can! We look for that rebel in you to work against that limit and be part of the Rebel family!</p> <p>So whether you are skilled in React Native, .Net, PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, C, C++ but you want badly to go into Android, Erlang, GOlang, Node.js or any other latest and greatest Web technologies, listen to the Rebel in you and be a part of the new RebelWorks development movement!</p> <p>If you want to be a part of the change and a part of the Rebel family, click Apply today.</p> <p><strong>Job Description</strong></p> <p>About the Company</p> <p>RebelWorks is a CTO-as-a-service company created to help entrepreneurs expedite the development of their ideas to the next level and into world class products. Bold, Inventive, Creative, Critical; Rebels are the very natural embodiment of the company's vibrant culture to test the mettle of solving the old industry problem with new and revolutionary methodologies.</p> <p>Professionally driven by a homegrown team of local developers, RebelWorks prides themselves in their work to swiftly and accurately deliver each project. RebelWorks is here to provide entrepreneurs the service they deserve and to break the norms (not values) of bridging between product ideas and realization.</p> <p>What You will Do</p> <p>This is an opportunity for you to become a better programmer. You will learn different programming languages and take part in the development process.</p> <p>You are not just a programmer, but also a consultant! You will build the app according to how you see it fit. You are given the opportunity to build something the way you want it to be!</p> <p><strong>Requirements</strong> </p> <ul><li>Minimum 1 year of React Native experience</li><li>Able to work in teams</li><li>Able and willing to learn and share among peers</li><li>We hope you are hard working, fun and responsible</li></ul> <p>Primary Programming Language (at least one of the following):</p> <ul><li>React Native</li></ul> <p>Swift Programming Concept:</p> <ul><li>Object Oriented Programming</li><li>RESTful</li><li>API</li><li>JSON/XML/HTML protocol</li><li>ORM</li></ul> <p>Database Technologies:</p> <ul><li>MySQL</li><li>MariaDB</li><li>Post-Gre SQL</li><li>MongoDB</li></ul>

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RebelWorks is a CTO-as-a-Service company that provides entrepreneurs the opportunity and knowledge to bridge between dreams and reality.


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