Project Manager (Construction)

Project Management | Dipost 7 bulan yang lalu
Datra Internusa


Industri : Construction

Fungsi : Project Management

Pengalaman : Staff / Junior Staff


<p>This is an experienced project management position for installation projects of waterproofing and coating materials. Datra has produced top in class waterproofing and industrial-grade coating materials for over 30 years. We take on project contracts that involve installation of our products.&nbsp;</p><p>Your job is to oversee a team of site supervisors, site coordinators, foremen and specialist workers on projects that can range from a few blocks of houses to a complex of high-rise buildings. You need to have proven leadership skills and integrity. You must know how to get things done.&nbsp;</p>


<p><u>Project managers must be:&nbsp;</u></p><ol><li style="letter-spacing: 0.2px;">Upright character and honest</li><li style="letter-spacing: 0.2px;">Experienced &gt;5 years of project management experience in construction&nbsp;</li><li style="letter-spacing: 0.2px;">Preferred degree in Engineering / Construction / Architecture&nbsp;</li><li style="letter-spacing: 0.2px;">Experienced in basic project management software and&nbsp;<span style="letter-spacing: 0.2px;">Computer literate&nbsp;</span></li><li>Leadership potential</li></ol>

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We are a growing enterprise that offers attractive benefits:

  1. Competitive benefits
  2. Health insurance
  3. Career progression
  4. Generous leave benefits
Datra Internusa

Datra Internusa is a specialist project delivery and engineering company that plans, manages and executes construction projects in Indonesia. The company offers general construction services or accept sub constract arrangements from all the major general contractors in Indonesia. 


  • Integrated Waterproofing Services 
  • Sports & Entertainment Halls Construction
  • Green Development Solution

Datra manufactures and installs paint and waterproofing materials. Our waterproofing products have successfully protected many architectural landmarks. We are also a leading sports construction authority in the country. The brands we represent are internationally renowned and certified. We have built sports venues for community, commercial, and international competition use.


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