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PT Elnusa Tbk


Industri : Oil & Energy

Fungsi : Engineering

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Pengalaman : Manager / Senior Manager / Department Head


1. Produce all of PMT (Project Management) Produce/Plan and prepare for deliverable list. And then review for other Procedures/Plan such us QA/QC,HSE, Procurement, Construction/Fabrication and Commissioning.

2. Ensure that the detail included in the procedures are fully understood and properly applied by construction personnel and that all project preparation is in order.

3. Review project planning with a view to improve on the completion date, if possible during implementation.

4. Review detail engineering document such us basis design, specification, data sheet calculation and drawing.

5. Know about the current progress of the project with respect to planning and should be able to give details of why project ahead/behind schedule at all times


1. Graduated with a bachelor degree of engineering.

2. Good Command in English (speaking and writing) is required. Excellent communication skills (oral and written) are essential.

3. Experience min.12 years (min 5 years in the same role in managerial), working with multinational EPC company, with project experiences in constructions for insfrastructure, mining, petrochemical, refinery plant, heavy equipment industrial or manufacturing project (Upstream and Downstream Project).

4. Maximal 45 years old

5. Placement at Rokan & Beringin – Riau & Prabumulih


Keahlian yang dibutuhkan

planning & organize



Lamar Sekarang
PT Elnusa Tbk

PT Elnusa Tbk. was founded as PT Electronika Nusantara based on Indonesia Corporate Establishment Act No.18, dated 25th January 1969, Indonesia Corporate Capital Change No.10, dated 13th February 1969 as witnessed by notary Tan Thong Kie. Such establishment data was recorded at Republic of Indonesia Hall of Record No.35, Annex No.58, dated 2nd May 1969. PT Elnusa named by 9th September 1969.

Elnusa started as a state-owned oil and gas PT Pertamina’s operations support services company. Its services include maintenance and reparation of Pertamina’s vessel shipboard electronic communications equipment, navigational equipment and radar system. Oil tankers owned by other companies working under contract with Indonesia state-owned oil and gas companies were also part of Elnusa clientele.

In 1999, due to competitive and developing business demand and opportunity, Elnusa initiated an internal consolidation in an effort to streamline its operations and business activities. As a result of this consolidation, Elnusa had twelve business units, which were led and managed by the following three divisions:
1. Exploration and Production
2. Telecommunications and Information Technology
3. Patra Niaga

In 2001, Elnusa had its organizational structure restructured, which resulted in the transformation of its three business divisions to the following two directorates :

1. Directorate of Upstream Services
2. Directorate of Downstream Services
3. Non-Oil and Gas Services

In 2004, Elnusa initiated a business process re-engineering which involved mergers and acquisitions. As a result, in 2006 Elnusa had fourteen business affiliations and two business portfolios. Its two primary business focus then were:

1. Integrated oil and gas services
2. Telematics support services

In October 2007, Elnusa yet again restructured itself, this time in an effort to dedicate itself as Indonesia first integrated upstream oil and gas services company, providing a dedicated first-stop services in Indonesia upstream oil and gas services industry. Aside from horizontal consolidation, Elnusa’s four oil and gas services business affiliations were consolidated into its corporate structure as well.

PT Elnusa Tbk. was officially listed at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (Stock Code: ELSA) on 6th February 2008. With its own brand of professionalism, transparency, management and clean & trustworthy business ethics, PT Elnusa Tbk. was ready then to take on challenges, nationally, regionally and internationally. Today, PT Elnusa Tbk. is an Energy Services Company, which not only serves oil & gas industry, but also the other energy sectors.


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