Operational & Jewelry Design Assistant [Indonesian national]

Art/Creative | Dipost 3 bulan yang lalu | Perusahaan sudah merekrut 2 bulan yang lalu
PT Ethical Jewelry and Goods



You and your role

This role is a rare opportunity to be a key member of a creative team overseeing and preparing designs from start (customer requests and stock demand) to finish (production, quality control and follow-up).

You’ll work closely to our manager and designer to assist in everyday operations. You’ll coordinate and prepare customized jewelry orders and make sure all deadlines are met. You stand with one foot in the world of art and imagination, and the other grounded in project management. 


What we expect you’ll be doing: 

  • Assist in sketching new and custom jewelry designs
  • Make sure the end look of each piece of jewelry meets the clients expectations as well as our high quality standard
  • Monitor orders and manage timelines to ensure that new designs, restock and customized orders are prepared timely and accurately
  • Oversee jewelry repairs
  • Keep track of all order deadlines, promptly address and solve quality control issues
  • Update clients about the status of their order
  • Returns management
  • Monitor and analyze jewelry inventory based on demand and production times, and make recommendations for restocking certain collections, ring sizes, types, gemstones and price points. 
  • Monitor gemstone inventory
  • Advise our customer service team

These tasks may change slightly depending on the applicant's strengths and interests, or the company's needs. You might eventually lead our marketing team. 



  • Excellent English proficiency - you’re comfortable using English in your day to day communication, write easily and don’t make sloppy grammar or spelling mistakes
  • Basic jewelry sketching skills
  • Understanding of jewelry design
  • Attitude of service and cooperation


This describes you so well, it’s almost scary: 

  • (Basic) jewelry design knowledge and experience is a plus. You may have started out your career as a designer or maybe it's a secret passion. Either way, you need to be able to work communicate effectively with our team and being able to work fast 
  • It's essential to have excellent computer, communications and organizational skills
  • You work with focus and are detail-oriented - you care about the nitty gritty and the finishing touches
  • You love to get things done: you're not afraid to roll up your sleeves and take responsibility
  • You can handle multiple projects at the same time. As a junior designer and operational assistant, you might be working on inventorying and preparing all designs in the morning and finish of the day with a rigorous quality check of our newest pieces, check with the photographer and send emails to clients in between
  • You have the ability to anticipate problems before they happen and come up with solutions without being told to do so. We love independent problem solvers. If you feel that something can be done better, we absolutely love it if you take the initiative to propose change. 
  • You’re service oriented and it makes you happy to see others happy. You might even have experience with customer service. 

Keahlian yang dibutuhkan

jewelry design
product design
project management
quality control
jewelry making
jewellery design


What we offer:

  • You’ll be working from a lush and green Bali studio
  • Be part of dynamic, young and diverse team in a flexible and open-minded multicultural setting
  • Freedom to be creative and contribute ideas
  • No dress code
  • Possibility to work part-time
  • 20 days of annual leave, on top of national holidays
  • Weekly vegetarian office lunches and yoga class
  • Ample opportunities to grow and learn
  • We’re working towards B Corp certification, which means lots of perks and benefits for our employees

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