Marketing and Business Development Internship

Business Development | Dipost 21 hari yang lalu


Industri : Higher Education

Fungsi : Business Development

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Pengalaman : Fresh Graduates / Less Than 1 Year Experience


As RevoU #1 intern, you will have one of the most fulfulling and diverse job you could dream of, working hand to hand with the Founding team and learn how to build an internet start-up from the ground-up.

The scope of this internship will be very broad as you will touch many fundamental part of the business in its early days. That said, the two core activites you will work on will be:

1) Grow initial student demand via a variety of marketing channels and strategies such as:

  • content marketing (you will work with the people responsible for this >>
  • reaching out students of your own university and other universities across indonesia
  • leveraging Linkedin & other social media platforms

2) Collect feedback from initial users to help us improve the product. You will be running students interview (via phone, email), meeting them face to face and share your learnings with the founding team


You are a fit for this role, if you:

  • Think quick on your feet and are able to translate the information you collect into actionnabe business insights
  • Are a natural-born-communicator and genuinely enjoy interacting with people on a daily basis, convincing them of RevoU's revolutionary approach
  • Are comfortable with lack of predefined processes and structure 
  • You have a can-do attitude, are eager to always face new challenges and don't get discouraged easily (as you will face many challenges!)
  • Hard-working and insanely eager to learn and learn...and learn!
  • You have a positive attitude and you like to have fun, aka laugh a lot, while getting things done
  • Have great written Bahasa and good English communication skills

Keahlian yang dibutuhkan



  • As intern #1, you won't be able to get a more challenging and rich internship than this -  It' will be like doing a Mini Master on Entrepreneurship (and you will get paid instead of paying for it!!)
  • Play a key role in the early days of a company with the ambiton and capabilities of transforming higher education in Indonesia. Make your parents proud and put in your CV an experience that will be progressively increase of value in the years to come (think if you had done an internship in Go-Jek's first months!)
  • Get direct coaching and mentorship from some of the most successful entrepreneurs & managers in the region (you can read abourt some managerial learnings from our Founder here
  • Very generous internship pay (between Rp 2-3M)
  • Get a chance to be hired full time once you are done with School
  • The office (at Go-Work) is as cool as you can get!
Lamar Sekarang

At RevoU we are on a mission in levelling the playing field. Accelerating the career of anyone who can show us the willingness to learn, regardless of background, education level or previous career.

We offer a selected group of students the opportunity to participate to our online Career Accelerator Program, preparing them for a Dream career in Indonesia's most in-demand tech jobs.

Once admitted to our Program, we do everything to help you succeed in your new career — teaching you the most critical skills via 1-to-1 mentorship and real-life projects, to supporting your job search with introductions to the top tech companies and interview preparation.

We believe we can unlock the limitless career potential of our students, so if they don’t get a job after completing our Program, the entire course is FREE for them


Who We Are

We are a team of experienced internet entrepreneurs who built from the ground up and exited multi-million dollar companies in the ecommerce space (Zalora, iPrice Group).

We have successfully hired and trained hundreds of people across Southeast Asia, positively shaping hundreds of careers of ambitious individuals. With RevoU we now want to do this at an even bigger scale, focusing on Indonesia first and foremost.

If you want to play a key role in transforming the state of higher education in Southeast Asia and together with it the lives of millions of people, reacou out to us and become part of our journey.


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