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Industri : Science / Technology

Fungsi : Engineering

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Pengalaman : Fresh Graduates / Less Than 1 Year Experience


About you:

The ideal candidate for the data scientist position would be the one that would be able to make smarter decisions to deliver even better products. Your primary focus will be in researching and optimizing machine learning methods, and create outstanding use case of machine learning. 


A solid foundation in statistics, either demonstrated through academic study or work experience. Experience with at least two programming languages and one general-purpose statistical package or programming library. The Data Science team mainly uses Python and Scala, but that’s not set in stone, and we value the ability to learn new libraries and ecosystems. Besides that, the Data Science team will work along with Data Engineer and Data Science Consultant to solve the problem.


Friendly and ready to work with others, both technical and non-technical. We don’t work in isolation and regularly interact with each other and members of other teams.


  • Great communication skills
  • Excellent understanding of machine learning and deep learning techniques and algorithms, such as SVM, KNN, Neural Networks, etc. 
  • Experience with common data science toolkits and libraries, such as python, Pytorch, tensorflow, etc.
  • Good scripting and programming skill
  • Experience with NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.
  • Other pluses: experience with distributed-computing ecosystems like Spark; experience teaching statistics or programming.

Keahlian yang dibutuhkan

Data Scientist


At Volantis Technology, we are adaptable, collaborative, driven, innovative and passionate. What We Offer you:

  • A constant stream of new things to learn. We're always expanding into new areas.

  • A set of incredibly talented and dedicated peers, all the way from engineering and business team.

  • Growth and mentorship. We believe in growing engineers through ownership and leadership opportunities. We also believe mentors help both sides of the equation. In fact, we have Founders and Co-Founders who are visible towards their knowledge and will share an infinity length to where all of the members that are working with Volantis, will be shaped into a youth full of rewarding and profitable knowledge!

  • A stable, collaborative and supportive work environment. We work in an open environment, have a shared kitchen and sit down for a quick sync every morning. we're about maximize our office into a flexible working space with Playroom provided!

  • We don't expect people to work 12 hour days. We want you to have a successful time outside of work too. Want to work from home sometimes? No problem. We trust our colleagues to be responsible with their time and dedication, and believe that balance helps cultivate a great environment.

Volantis Technology

Volantis Technology

Big Data Solution for Everyone

Whether you want to visualize, consume to an app, buy, analyze sell or monetize your data, certainly Volantis can make your life easier. Volantis have built-in data connector to modern database, file and IoT device so you can easily connect your existing data infrastructure to Volantis. Once connected to Volantis you can do almost anything to gain value from your data. With more than 10k datasets available in our marketplace you can easily select the data that suit your business or monetize your own data easily. Volantis Xplorer offers easy data visualization such as customized dashboard, data exploration tools, alert system and automated reporting tool

The Biggest Data and Machine Learning (AI) Marketplace

Deploying Machine Learning (AI) as API endpoint is never been easy with Volantis ML Studio. Whether you are savvy enough to build your own model using our drag n drop machine learning composer or just browse and consume machine learning (AI) model from our marketplace. Both option is easy and scale as you grow. Never again worrying about deploying and scaling machine learning (AI) system. We take care of the hard part such as data service, algorithm composer, model training, model serving and prediction endpoint so you can focus on things that are truly matters for your business

Volantis Data Pipeline, Marketplace and Machine Learning (AI) Infrastructure

We take care of all the infrastructure heavy lifting so you can focus on your main goal without doing unnecessary things. End to end data and machine elarning (AI) pipeline can be achieved with following steps:

  1. Connect your data or select desired datasets from our marketplace

  2. Consume your own datasets easily at scale

  3. Monetize your datasets in the marketplace

  4. Build your own machine learning model (AI) Using drag n drop ML composer

  5. Consume or monetize your own model that you just built in the marketplace

  6. Browse thousand available model in our marketplace and integrate to your application

  7. Make money by creating and listing machine learning (AI) model in our marketplace


All of above is possible because be taking all the hard part in our side such as: data pipelining system so you can consume your data easily without worrying about scalability, marketplace so you can buy and sell data or machine learning model and integration and ML Composer so you can design your own AI without expertise in data science.


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