Creative Lead

Art/Creative | Dipost sebulan yang lalu | Perusahaan sudah merekrut 43 menit yang lalu


Industri : Advertising / Marketing / PR

Fungsi : Art/Creative

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Pengalaman : Manager / Senior Manager / Department Head


  • Be a thought partner for all Marketing Team and Content Team for communication strategy.
  • Developing creative concepts/strategies for marketing, advertising, and branding campaigns.
  • Coordinating brainstorming sessions with all Marketing Team to generate ideas.
  • Determine the concept, and develop guidelines in every product marketing content creation, and oversee every production process.
  • Set a schedule for short-term and long-term projects, plan tasks accordingly, and ensure goals and deadlines are met.
  • Monitoring regularly with designer team and content production team to monitor every on going project, develop skills and maintain team productivity.
  • Ensuring the quality of each form of business unit marketing communication complies with agreed guidelines and standards.
  • Coordinate with Vice President of Marketing in maintaining quality standards (visual design, audio-music, copywriting, and etc.) and coherence of Hacktiv8 brand identity and Kode.Id across all products.
  • Ensure that all creative work stays within deadline and budget.
  • Ensuring that every marketing team stays up-to-date, on branding, marketing, advertising and technology advancements.


  • Bachelor’s degree in any major, preferably in advertising, design marketing, communication, or creative
  • Min. 3 years working in the field of creative, marketing or advertisement
  • Strong Creative and Conceptual Thinking
  • Communication Skills both Verbal and Written
  • Excellent in English and Bahasa Indonesia

Keahlian yang dibutuhkan

conceptual thinking
strong creative
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