Content Development Associate

writing/editing | Dipost 2 tahun yang lalu


Industri : writing and editing

Fungsi : writing/editing

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Pengalaman : Fresh Graduates / Less Than 1 Year Experience


<p><b>Want to work in a startup environment that fills your basic needs and get yourself equipped and developed? </b></p><div class="pasted"><br></div><div class="pasted">You got it covered in EKRUT. You work hard and you will be rewarded equally hard—not only in terms of financial, but also professional development. </div><div class="pasted"><br></div><div class="pasted"> EKRUT is a tech-based company that helps talented professionals in Indonesia to get their dream jobs and make them rewarded equally by renowned companies. Believing that people is their best asset, EKRUT is currently searching for a meticulous individual with a can-do attitude and an outgoing personality. </div><div class="pasted"><br></div><div class="pasted">If you match the description above and genuinely care about the correct and proper content of a website, then you'd fit EKRUT perfectly! </div><div class="pasted"><br></div><div class="pasted">Here you will take part in content entry and processing, as well as its analysis and summary. You will ensure that all content is of a high quality, as set by the company.</div><div class="pasted"><br></div><div class="pasted"> While being in charge of content development, you will be exposed to career improvement available in the professional world so you can constantly get better at what you're doing. </div><div class="pasted"><br></div><div class="pasted">EKRUT values talent and determination highly, and for them, everyone with great performance must be rewarded and bad eggs must leave. <b>So if you want to keep yourself challenged so you can achieve your career goals, EKRUT is surely the place for you. Apply now!</b></div><div class="pasted"><b><br></b></div><div class="pasted"><b>What will you do in Ekrut?</b></div><ul><li>Analyze and summarize content in proper written English.</li><li>Breakdown content and its derivatives.</li><li>Gather information from different sources.<br><br></li></ul><p><br></p>


<p><b>Requirements:</b></p><ul><li>Positive work-hard attitude </li><li> Super fast in getting things done </li><li> Excellent writing in English&nbsp;</li><li> High attention to detail </li><li>Knowledge in programming language is a plus</li></ul><p><b>Skills:</b> </p><ul><li>English </li><li> Literature</li><li> Content Strategy </li><li> Content Writing</li><li> Data Entry </li><li>Administration </li></ul><p><br></p>

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What will you learn in this position at EKRUT?

You will learn to analyze very quickly, and summarize within minutes. Here you can practice your sharp eye for details to spot even the smallest differences and errors. Attentiveness and analytical skills will help you in a lot of ways when pursuing any career path you choose in the future, either content-related or not.

You will learn to break things down and make statistical impacts.Your problem-solving skills will improve as you try to find effective solutions to the problems you face. Over time, you will get used to thinking about not just any solution, but also applicable and measurable.

You will know how to collect information and neatly process them. You will develop your resourcefulness as well as management ability when prioritizing tasks assigned. Delivering high-quality work results, there is a bigger chance for you to have a higher role in the company.

You will be immensely appreciated. Only the best of the best stays here. As you help people get the jobs they want, EKRUT ensures you that this is a place where you want to work at. You can learn from the talented individuals this company has about any professional information you need to know. Plus, when you perform well, financials will not be an issue.



What is EKRUT?

EKRUT is a tech-based company that helps talents in Indonesia to find their dream jobs and make them rewarded equally. These high-quality talents will be connected to reputable companies automatically in the system after they completing their profiles. On the other side, companies will be able to have information about the best talents fast and accurately.

Newly established in 2016, the culture of EKRUT is work hard and extremely fast. They are young, spirited, fun, yet talented professionals—this will be the new generation of professional millennials. Currently, EKRUT is inviting young, dedicated individuals like you to join the team and participate in this fast-growing startup.


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