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Industri : Computer Software

Fungsi : Information Technology

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Pengalaman : Senior Staff/ Supervisor / Coordinator / Team Leader


<p>Responsible for automating, organizing, monitoring, and maintaining all MEDICO SaaS applications and systems. This will include the following duties:<br></p><ul><li>Evaluate MEDICO SaaS environments to create, maintain, and ensure adherence to an operations manual of administration and support for all MEDICO hosted systems. </li><li>Ensure software or hardware trouble tickets are responded to in a timely manner, verify any response time SLAs are met or exceeded. </li><li>Ensure backup systems and procedures are working and provide direction in implementing and enhancing the processes and restore customer data as required. </li><li>Research and identify tools to automate the monitoring of MEDICO SaaS systems. </li><li>Install, deploy, configure and support MEDICO SaaS systems and supporting infrastructure across Development, QA and Production environments. </li><li>Support the deployment and onboarding of new customers to MEDICO’s SaaS software platform. </li><li>Evaluate the production system for possible defects and enhancements. Includes troubleshooting and making recommendations to resolve customer issues when the system is not performing as expected. </li><li>Maintain AWS (or other cloud platform) features, product changes, and cost changes. Provide updates and recommendations to management for adjustments to MEDICO SaaS implementations</li><li>Work outside of business hours may be required (requirement to be on call for system down/critical issues support).</li></ul><p><br></p>


<p><br></p><ul><li>3+ years of experience as a system administrator </li><li>B.S. degree in Computer Science or equivalent </li><li>Strong background in Windows and Linux Server Implementation and Support </li><li>Experience with different databases, including working knowledge of SQL MariaDB (relational data stores) and NoSQL. </li><li>Experience with supporting application and database servers </li><li>Experience with Master Slave replication </li><li>Experience with Redis and Elasticsearch </li><li>Experience with Docker container </li><li>Knowledge of best practices and IT operations in an always-up, always-available environment </li><li>Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services </li><li>Experience with cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, Rackspace etc.) </li><li>Experience with Big Data technologies is a plus, such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Accumulo, Cassandra, HBase, R, Mahout, Pig, MongoDB, and Hive–BA </li><li>Experience with ASP.NET Core and Kestrel web server implementation is a plus </li><li>Experience working SaaS or hosted application environment is also a plus </li><li>Strong experience with NGINX </li><li>Strong experience with Encryption Software</li></ul>

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Cloud Environment


It is understood that Hospital Information System is one of the most complicated, most daunting, most laborious, most costly, and thus most hated projects in a hospital environment. Millions of dollars and hours of labor have been spent dedicated to finding the perfect HIS, and yet the search has been futile. So in the end, hospitals choose to build their own HIS thinking that they have the knowledge and the expertise to do so. So why don’t most hospitals employ this homegrown method, and why increasingly more hospitals see this as a the least viable option?

  • Hospitals are not IT companies Hospitals do have the inside knowledge of how the workflow should be, but transferring this knowledge into a functional IT system are two different things. Technology keeps changing, and hospitals are not in the forefront to think of these changes, whereas IT companies always consider these technological advancements when building a system. Without a clear technological path ahead, the homegrown system might not be scalable. 
  • Over complication The tendency when a hospital has the all the expertise in its hand is to build an HIS that can cater to all the needs of the administrators, physicians, clinicians, and patients. This can be time-consuming and costly very quickly. With an outside approach looking in, an IT company can focus on establishing priorities and managing inefficients with fresh outlook. This will become more manageable and executable. 
  • Lack of focus With so many things going on in a hospital setting, the hospital’s IT department can be easily inundated with everyday operational tasks and not be focused on building the HIS. This will lead to delays and frustrations. 

As a software company specifically catering to healthcare providers, MEDICO , can appease the aforementioned problems. We provide scalable, comprehensive, reliable, and affordable system no matter what size your organization is.


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