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Datra Construction



The Chief Construction Officer / Head of Construction reports directly to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and COO (Chief Operations Officer) and he/she is the most senior officer at the company with a background in construction. 

The CCO is responsible in leading the Construction business pillar of the company. In this job, he/she will oversee project and technical units to deliver world class and quality construction and development projects for our clients. 

The CCO will maintain the highest standard of construction and project management excellence. And he/she will strive to maintain his/her position as the most knowledgeable person at the company when it comes to Construction engineering and project management. 



1. CCO must have a degree in Civil Engineering 

2. The candidate must have previous experience in managing a construction project (s) >Rp 250 billion in the capacity of lead or senior project manager

3. The candidate is currently / was previously employed at a major and respectable construction firm

4. The candidate is between 35-45

5. The candidate shows proven track record of both personal and team leadership ; and respect for discipline 

6. The candidate knows senior people in the construction business either in BUMN, major contractors, developers, architects - and able to demonstrate real track records with them

7. The candidate is looking for a senior leadership at Datra for the long term (until his/her retirement)

8. The candidate must show ability to understand modern mobile technology and applications

Keahlian yang dibutuhkan

chief construction officer
civil engineering



1. Competitive base and compensation

2. Private insurance 

3. Transportation and communications benefits

4. Top leadership incentive tied to performance of the company 

5. Long term career opportunity for the right person

Lamar Sekarang
Datra Construction

Datra is a leading ISO-certified Indonesian construction firm specializing in creating spaces that inspire human connections like stadia, arenas, and halls.

Founded in 1981, Datra started with the application the application and distribution of waterproofing materials. With the rise of sports construction in Indonesia, we continued to build our reputation in stadia construction with a series of stadia renovation projects including those for Pekan Olahraga Nasional, Southeast Asia Games, and the most awaited sports event - Asian Games 2018.


We have taken a very personal and hands-on approach in completing thousands of projects in Indonesia and abroad with unrivaled professionalism, coherence, excellence, and reliability. Datra started becoming a force to be reckoned with, with clients ranging from governmental organizations to top national contractors New management brought in significant improvements in professionalism.


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