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<p><b>Are you a challenge seeker who enjoys analyzing problems to think about any possible solution? How would you like to get involved in an early-stage startup by improving business operations? </b></p><p>We at <b>EKRUT</b> have a spot for an enthusiastic individual like you!</p><p><b>EKRUT</b> is a tech-based company that helps talents in Indonesia to find their dream jobs and make them rewarded equally. Hence, our business model has to be at its best to keep this mission going and be of service to many people as possible.</p><p>You will take part in analyzing, measuring, improving and controlling our business operations. This is your chance to gain hands-on professional experience in the field of your study even before graduation. There will also be multiple skills you can upscale here. So, what do you think about this internship opportunity? If you also believe in our value and want to contribute to a higher purpose of your career, join <b>EKRUT</b> today!</p><div class="pasted"><br></div><div class="pasted"><b>What will you do at EKRUT?</b></div><ul><li>Define and analyze business process.</li><li>Measure and suggest improvement for better process in order to make good quality.</li><li>Control and give feedback in regards to implementation development.</li><li>Create system, SOP, and continuous improvement.</li></ul><p><br></p><p></p>


<p><b>Requirements:</b></p><ul><li> <b>Last year student from a reputable university, majoring in Industrial Engineering </b></li><li>Strong in analytical thinking and problem-solving </li><li>Adaptable to a changing environment </li><li>Positive work-hard attitude </li><li>Super fast in getting things done </li><li>High attention to detail </li></ul><p><b><br></b></p><p><b>Skills: </b></p><ul><li>Operational Excellence </li><li> Analysis </li><li>Data Collection </li><li> English </li><li>Operational Efficiency </li><li>Data Analysis</li></ul>

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What You Will Learn:

You will learn whole operation process. This thing will make you have better sight and detail about process, notice something if it's going wrong and how to make it better. Your analytical thinking will be very useful. You will see everything different after this and beneficial for your career path in the future.

You will learn to define problem, measure, analyze, improve, and control all process. You will breakdown every process, analyze every detail, measure process in order to know more about quality of the process, suggest any improvement to make it better, then you have to control what have you improved. You have to make sure everything that you improved are applicable and measureable

You will understand how to collect information and neatly process them. You will develop your resourcefulness as well as management ability when prioritizing tasks assigned. Delivering high-quality work results, you will gain a bigger possibility to receive a recommendation letter from your supervisor, either to be converted into a full-timer or when applying to the company of your dream after graduation.

You will be immensely appreciated. Only the best of the best stays here. As you help people get the jobs they want, EKRUT ensures you that this is a place where you want to work at. You can learn from the talented professionals this company has about any career information you need to know. Plus, when you perform well, financials will not be an issue.



What is EKRUT?

EKRUT is a tech-based company that helps talents in Indonesia to find their dream jobs and make them rewarded equally. These high-quality talents will be connected to reputable companies automatically in the system after they completing their profiles. On the other side, companies will be able to have information about the best talents fast and accurately.

Newly established in 2016, the culture of EKRUT is work hard and extremely fast. They are young, spirited, fun, yet talented professionals—this will be the new generation of professional millennials. Currently, EKRUT is inviting young, dedicated individuals like you to join the team and participate in this fast-growing startup.


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