Associate Market Manager, Thailand

Business Development | Dipost sebulan yang lalu | Perusahaan terakhir aktif 6 jam yang lalu (PT. Global Tiket Network)


Industri : Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Fungsi : Business Development

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Pengalaman : Senior Staff/ Supervisor / Coordinator / Team Leader


  1. To support hotel partners through phone, video conference, email of all administrative works that includes extranet training, new registration, contract loading, content loading, hotel activation, hotel record management.


  1. To acquire new hotel partners , to manage hotel accounts (min 20% weightage share) according to assignment by Area Manager / Senior Market Manager, to manage relationship with hotel partners, review and improve commercial conditions obtained from hotel partners that are not limited to getting promo rates and increasing margin.


  1. To monitor and improve price competitiveness and room inventory availability at all times.


  1. To support related departments on customer bookings.


  1. Accountable to fulfil SLA, achieve own KPI target and achieve overall hotel department’s target and KPI.


  1. To educate hotel partners in managing bookings.
  2. Monitor, review and improve hotel contents to reflect accurate hotel information and facility details to improve overall hotel bookings.
  3. To support and participate on company’s campaign / tactical promotion projects.
  4. To invite & sign hotels on special agreement to improve margin and competitiveness.


Key Competencies:

  • Technical Competencies
  • Possess good knowledge on Travel / Hotel Industry
  • Understand extranets / channel managers
  • Good Microsoft Office skills


Soft Competencies:

  • Good command in English (writing and speaking)
  • Good communication skill
  • Good analytical skills
  • Good administrative works
  • Team player
  • Min 3-year experience in Travel / Hotel Industry
  • Data Analysis




Keahlian yang dibutuhkan

business development
interpersonal skill

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