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sales | Posted 2 months ago

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Job Industry : construction

Job Function : sales

Experience : Fresh Graduates / Less Than 1 Year Experience


<ul> <li>Mencatat setiap barang / material baik masuk ataupun keluar dalam loogbook barang proyek</li> <li>Mengelola setiap kas proyek yang ada dan mencatatnya secara teratur baik penerimaan maupun pengeluaran kas yang ada</li> <li>Mencatat dan mengontrol absen karyawan proyek yang ada secara teratur dan rutin melaporkan setiap minggunya kepada HRD &amp; GA</li> <li>Membuat dokumen progress lapangan secara rapi dan mengurus pengiriman ke kantor pusat bersama Site Manager</li> <li>Mengatur dan mengontrol proses pengiriman dan penerimaan barang / material proyek</li> <li>Mencatat dan mendelegasikan gaji karyawan lapangan bersama site manager dan membuat laporan kepada HRD &amp; GA</li> <li>Berkoordinasi dengan baik dengan divisi yang berkepentingan di kantor pusat</li> </ul> <strong>Persyaratan:</strong> <li>Minimal Pendidikan SMK / SMA semua jurusan, D3, S1 Semua jurusan</li> <li>Fresh Graduate silahkan melamar</li> <li>Diutamakan memiliki pengalaman dalam bidang Administrasi Logistik</li> <li>Mampu berkomunikasi dengan baik / lancar</li> <li>Mampu berhitung dengan baik</li> <li>Menguasai komputer minimal Excel &amp; Word</li> <li>Memiliki karakter rajin, rapi, jujur, disiplin dan energik</li> <li>Usia maksimal 35 tahun</li> <li>Bersedia ditempatkan di Proyek (Dalam atau Luar Kota)</li> <li>Memiliki SIM C dan A</li>


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PT. MANORIAN MEKANIKAL ELEKTRIKAL SERVIS is a company which is active as  mechanical, electrical & HVAC contractor. It was established on June 18th, 2012, and is a branch of Manorian Group which has established since 1996 running in manufacturing and engineering industrial panel, supplier & general contractor, and palm oil mill specialist.Since then, PT. MMES has rapidly grown and committed to fulfill customer demand with best quality and to finish work on schedule. In this competitive atmosphere, we are always ready to compete with our competitors. We provides our professional line with expert, trained, and educated personnel from various educational background.To obtain best result, we should integrate the concept of our work with concept of customers’ need so that it will give result within a high level of satisfaction.  This is what we always implement in every job we do.Our company has been growing to become a leading electrical and mechaniocal contracting company which is flexible to meet our customers’ needs, and we always hope that our company can participate in advancing the Indonesian's economy.We list some of our customers here, the companies which have been in cooperation with us for their electrical and mechanical project. This enables our potential customers to contact and coordinate with our existing customers to get reference or recommendation for the future projects.We hopefully invite all customers, both existing and potential, in cooperation with us for next projects. Please fell free to contact our marketing team, by phone or face-to-face conversation. We always give the best for all of our customers.


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