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Overview of your recruitment performance

Giving a quick glance over all recruitment activities across your organization to follow their progress. Understand what works and what doesn’t. Learn from past campaigns to design better recruitment in the future.

Overview of your recruitment performance

Quick identification of most optimal channels

Know where your applicants find out about your jobs. Incentivize employees to tap into their social media to find quality applicants.

Quick identification of most optimal channels

Downloadable report and analytics

Easily download your recruitment reports, graphs and analytics for your own record or report-making.

Downloadable report and analytics

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Interview Candidates

The best way to track all open jobs, applications and activities. No more messy paperwork and lost emails as you sync your progress with your co-workers. Filter efficiently to find the best fit and store resume for the future.

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Robust and easy-to-use software platform to advertise your jobs, accept applicants, manage communications and analyze recruitment activities. Get up and running in minutes.

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