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@Mention your hiring team

Get the whole team to review a candidate’s profile by a simple @mention in the platform. Record all your comments in the Candidate’s timeline.

@Mention your hiring team

Assign jobs to specific team members

You know that you can invite team members into the platform But did you know that you can also assign your team member in charge to hire for a specific position? Because we know that not everyone in your hiring team would be involved in hiring all positions.

Assign jobs to specific team members

Loop communications to outside of your hiring team

Sometimes you just need to loop certain people in your communications to your candidate without wanting to add them into your hiring team. With our CC/BCC feature, you can. You can even attach files to go with your email.

Loop communications to outside of your hiring team

Getting feedback from external users

With External Feedback Request, you can request feedback from stakeholders outside of your hiring team and feedback will be recorded on your Candidate’s Timeline.Getting feedback from external users

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Manage Applicants

Go beyond traditional job advertisements to source the best talents for the job. Use our tools to ensure you hire the one with the best fit to both the job and your company.

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Reports & Analytics

Have the tools to measure your recruitment campaign success. Use data to identify what works and what doesn’t to improve in the future.

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