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Features Overview

Robust and easy-to-use software platform to advertise your jobs, accept applicants, manage communications and analyze recruitment activities. Get up and running in minutes.


Attract Talent

Customize and launch a hosted branded career website in minutes. Accept applicants directly.
Ensure that your job post comes with the right details and appeals to your target candidate by leveraging on our templates.
Use images, videos and testimonials to give applicants insights into your company's culture.
Get the most out of your Facebook page by auto-updating your job posts from Urbanhire.
Maximize our widget to embed a careers section and accept applications direct on your company's website
Urbanhire gives you the ability to claim your Company Profile page on Urbanhire front pages and optional tools to enhance the user experience.

Manage Applicants

Share the jobs you have to everyone and everywhere with a simple job short-link. Leverage the social media and your internal networks.

Choose your fields and add question on the application form and when deploying post-application assessments. Save time by filtering out irrelevant candidates.

Immediately take advantage of our integration with local and international job boards, and get the word out!

Browse resumes on Linkedln and use our Chrome extension to grab their information right into your Urbanhire account.

Subscribe to paid advertising to access premium packages on our partner job boards - all from a single Urbanhire account.

Invite friends, employees, coworkers, and headhunter to submit applicants to your jobs.



Review, interview and give feedback together with your col-workers. Monitor activity and conversations on Urbanhire.
Keep and mark resumes for future talents gaps and needs. Access them when you want on desktop or mobile.
No more lost emails and messy spreadsheets, all communication with the applicants happen on the platform.
Use our Agenda feature to monitor your recruitment activities and integrate these schedule with your personal calendars. Monitor all your team member's activities.
Browse and filter applicants efficiency based on default and customizable filters. Use #tagging for easy search.
Deploy optional personality and fit assessments designed by our partner psychology test and applicant profiling technology partners.

Reports & Analytics

Know where your applicants find out about your jobs. Incentivize employees who leverage on their social media.

Understand what works and what doesn't. Learn from past campaigns to design better recruitment in the future.

Bird's eye view of all recruitment activities across your organization to follow their progress.

Customize, edit and change your job whenever. Have them live and updated instantly on all of your recruitment channels.

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