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Across industries, small and large companies improve the way they hire with Urbanhire. Their success in recruiting tech-savvy millennials is our top priority.

Urbanhire's Happy Employers

What they say about Urbanhire

  • Timothy Francis Chief of Growth Officer Jojonomic
    Chief of Growth Officer

    Urbanhire has already helped us add more than 1 great hire to our team, in less than 90 days. We continue to have a number of quality candidates applying.

  • Hemant Chanrai Founder/CEO at Azzura Solar Pte Ltd
    Founder / CEO

    Thanks to Urbanhire, Azzura Solar was able to recruit like-minded, motivated team members for our projects.

  • Ali Zaenal Abidin hief of Organizational Happiness at Insight Out
    Chief of Organizational Happiness

    Using Urbanhire has really helped us to outsource many technicalities of the recruitment process, yet still enable us to customize it to fit our needs and culture as a company.

  • Urbanhire is a very modern recruitment tool with simple and easy to use UI design. Our company has found better candidates from Urbanhire compared to the other paid recruitment websites / tool.

    Co-Founder & Program Director - Vooya: Learning without Borders
  • Urbanhire provides a clean, easy to use ‘CRM’ for hiring. It allows for easy management. In fact, it allows anyone to be an HR manager.

    Former Partner Account Manager
  • "Urbanhire's platform is so user-friendly and intuitive, I quickly learnt how to use it within seconds. I was able to discover and organized candidates through their super easy-to- use dashboard. It can get confusing when we start to correspond with multiple candidates and candidates may be at different stages of their interviews. More importantly, we were able to find qualified candidates through the filtering process. Thank you Urbanhire, you made recruiting online a much easier task for small business owners like us."

    Founder- Zalonku.com
  • We believe that recruitment should be strategic and those involved in the process are not only the HR team but also all the users. That’s why Urbanhire is perfect for our needs. It brings the team to collaborate and work together in the recruitment process under one platform.

    CEO - Biznet Gio Cloud
  • We naturally require candidates with specific skills and experiences to fill in our positions. Urbanhire helps us tremendously in our recruitment with its Pre-Assessment Questions that enables us to filter out irrelevant talents from the beginning. This saves our team a lot of time and making the recruitment process more efficient.

    Senior Manager, Dept.Head of HR GSS (Geoscience, Shared Services and Subsidiary) - Elnusa