About Urbanhire

We founded Urbanhire because we believe hiring can be more efficient and we want to help companies get the talents they will love. Recruitment is a strategic issue and when done right it can be a significant competitive advantage. We inject the values we uphold most like technological excellence, collaboration and people empowerment to design a recruiting software that just works in the new economy. We’re excited to support the amazing teams at growing companies especially in our home markets of Indonesia and Asia.

We’re proud that we’ve built a cool product that allows companies to inspire and make their culture visible. We don’t believe in boring and transactional job posts when sourcing tech-savvy millennials. We dreamt of powerful, yet easy-to-use, software that hands back control to the companies and allow sharing jobs everywhere from a single account. We make filtering candidates as intuitive as the social networks, and give tools to deploy pre/post application assessments. Urbanhire empowers teamwork in finding the right talents.

Our Passionate Founders

Driven to do good and create impact
Founder and CEO[email protected]

Benson is Urbanhire’s chief dreamer - he is on a mission to make hiring efficient so more people can find the jobs they love. An exciting entrepreneur with proven startup activation and B2B sales track-record. Prior to Urbanhire, Benson founded and lead Beka Asia Group, a group of companies in technology, construction and services. He was also an executive at Bloomberg L.P. He is a member of the global Entrepreneurs' Organization and a TEDster who believes in contributing to the fight against climate crisis and global poverty.

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Hengki Mardongan Sihombing
Founder and CTO[email protected]

Hengki is on a mission to build Indonesia’s greatest Software as a Service company. He’s our tech general and the author of our JavaScript core-codes. Well respected among developers, he contributes to the regional development of JavaScript and heads the JakartaJS community. Prior to Urbanhire, Hengki had over 10 years of professional experience in software development in companies like: OLX, Wego, Merah Putih Inc, GushCloud and Aitindo. He takes off his code-superman mantle off on Sundays and spends time with his wife.

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Jepri Torang Sinaga
Founder and SVP Product[email protected]

Jepri loves the intersection of great design and great code. He writes code to make the world a better place. Prior to Urbanhire, he had over 7 years of professional experience as a Senior Software Engineer at companies like Magnivate, XM JWT, GushCloud and Aitindo. Crazy about the outdoors, he finds his peace in freediving. He is single, young and talented but Benson has banned him from entering a relationship until Urbanhire is a runaway success.

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Directors & Investors

Urbanhire's Board of Directors includes Benson Kawengian, Hengki Sihombing, and Kevin Sutantyo (RMKB Ventures). Our Investors are KK Fund, Convergence Ventures, Social Capital (USA), 500Startups (USA), Tortola Capital (Michael Sampoerna), Denali Capital, RMKB Ventures, Michael Na (Intrafood Group), Megain Widjaya, Marissa Soeryadjaya (Soeryadjaya Family), and Farrel Sutantio (Cimory Group).

Urbanhire is changing
for the better!

We moved our current Job portal website to this link.