Communicate with applicant, schedule interviews, deploy tests and send bulk emails

Attract Talent and Manage Recruitment on a Single Platform

Urbanhire is designed to make hiring efficient and simple. Its cloud solution allows business of all sizes to post jobs within minutes of signing up. Urbanhire is also a collaborative platform that empowers applicant-tracking by multiple users.

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Urbanhire is an easy to use cloud-based applicant tracking system

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Have control over your recruitment

  • One account to manage all your recruitment channels and campaigns.
  • Add notes and collaborate with co-workers anywhere.
  • Communicate with applicant, schedule interviews, deploy tests and send bulk emails.

No more missing emails and endless spreadsheets from managing different recruitment channels. Resumes and employment contracts are stored in one account for easy access and future reference. Track activities to measure your campaign's success.

See better applicants

  • Easy posting to social networks and job boards.
  • Create your own exciting careers site without having to code.
  • Customize forms and waste less time with unqualified applicants who do not fit your culture.

Urbanhire helps you see more relevant applicants faster with the tools to promote your company and share your jobs to the world. Our customizable forms and assessment templates help you filter and see the talents you will love.

Source candidates more effectively

  • Invite external recruiters to submit applicants.
  • Chrome extension for easy import of public profiles.
  • Entice your company's employees to recommend a friend.

Proactive sourcing of candidates is now easier than ever. Invite people to submit candidates, and say goodbye to data entry. Upload resumes or import public or social profiles straight from the source.

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