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Our registered business users include multinational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and government-owned entities spanning across a wide range of industries.


Astri Hani Shabrina

Head of Talent Acquisition

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Nurmala Dewi



Urbanhire helps our recruitment a lot! From posting our jobs to multiple job boards to following up with each candidate seamlessly, Urbanhire provides a comprehensive tools that are useful and certainly make our whole recruitment process easier.

Hafizania. A

Talent Associate

Sinar Mas Digital Ventures (SMDV)

We get candidates with the right amount of experience and skills that we require through Urbanhire. On average, each job post brought more than 400 profiles within a week. We feel that Urbanhire has been the most cooperative Applicant Tracking System.

Suryo Prasetio

Talent Acquisition


Amartha is growing very rapidly and we are looking for simple, user friendly and convenient ATS that can give us good candidate pipeline. Urbanhire gives us broad and diverse channels to post our job openings, ATS that are simple and user friendly, preliminary questions and seamless integration to our career page. We managed to closed several positions from Urbanhire and also increased our leads of pipeline for recruitment.

Timothy Francis

Chief of Growth Officer


Urbanhire has already helped us add more than 1 great hire to our team, in less than 90 days. We continue to have a number of quality candidates applying.

Dondy Bappedyanto


Biznet GIO Cloud

We believe that recruitment should be strategic and those involved in the process are not only the HR team but also all the users. That’s why Urbanhire is perfect for our needs. It brings the team to collaborate and work together in the recruitment process under one platform.

Dian Indra BINTORO, SE, MM

Department Head - HR GSS (Geoscience, Shared Services and Subsidiary)

PT Elnusa Tbk.

In Elnusa, we naturally require candidates with specific skills and experiences to fill in our positions. Urbanhire helps us tremendously in our recruitment with its Pre-Assessment Questions that enables us to filter out irrelevant talents from the beginning. This saves our team a lot of time and making the recruitment process more efficient.

Michelle Salim


The Body Shop Indonesia

Our company has been an employer of choice especially for talents with passion in eco-friendly sustainable business, and we have found a great partner for ATS in Urbanhire. We are equipped with useful templates, assessment and feedback tools, and diverse channels for job posting. Urbanhire helps us not only in getting the right talents, but also creating an easy, user friendly recruitment experience for them.

Arya Nugraha

Human Capital Business Partner Officer

Pertamina EP Cepu

We haven't used Urbanhire recently but it has been greatly helped by the increasing number of applications and the ease with which it is managed.

Rebeka Artawati

HR & GA Manager

2 years using Urbanhire, our recruitment process feels more effective and the problems related to the recruitment process can be resolved.

Lusi Almira Kalyana

Talent Acquisition Department Head

Bank Sahabat Sampoerna

We love to use Urbanhire because it is connected with many job portals and collaborates with many universities in Indonesia making it easier to get new graduate candidates for our special programs.

Mirna Harahap

Head of HR & Learning

The Body Shop Indonesia

By using Urbanhire, we have successfully accelerated the recruitment process from 6 months to 2-4 weeks and it’s easier for us to track our talent pipeline

Matteo Sutto

Founder and CEO


I particularly love the UI/UX of the platform, which makes it easy-to-use and user-friendly. Helped us a lot in managing our candidates.

Bayudi Ramadani

Recruitment Specialist

Efficient, I no longer need to send emails manually. Features like database, email automation, and tracking system are very helpful for our hiring process.

Sabrina Shahnaz

Human Capital

Urbanhire has been very helpful to me, especially to find candidates that match our qualifications. Now we have a very efficient sourcing process.

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