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Group of Digital - Kompas Gramedia

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With a sustainable working place, Kompas.com offers intriguing experiences to expand your network as well as your career. Our basecamp filled with a group of diverse yet talented people who share the same interest in news, internet technology, multimedia and e-commerce.

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* Developments of new concepts, ideas, basic data on, and applications for, organization’s products and services. * Collect and analyzes data to evaluate existing and potential products and service markets * Identify and monitor competitors and research market conditions or changes in the industry that may affect sales.
4 bulan yang lalu
* Responsible for selling ads (advertisement) spaces at multi platform media (printed, electronic, digital, and outdoor) * Build networking in order to create business opportunity to achieve target revenue * Generate high volume of sales related activities including proposals, presentations, and ontime payment from client
4 bulan yang lalu
* Manage PR issues * Prepare and submit PR Reports * Develop PR campaigns & media relations strategies * Collaborate with internal teams & maintain open communication with senior management * Update promotional material & publications (brochures, videos, social media posts, etc.) * Prepare & distribute press releases * Organize PR events & serve as the company's spokesperson * Track media coverage & follow industry trends * Seek opportunities for partnership & sponsorships
4 bulan yang lalu
* Planning and conducting of consumer research at every stage of the product’s lifecycle; from its conceptualization, prototype validations, all the way to usability tests on the final product. * Scope and prioritize activities based on business and customer impact * Working closely with product owner, engineer, designer, and others to implement new features and enhancements * Designing quantitative and qualitative research approaches for application in all product departments. * Specify and research actionable product researches with extreme detail to iteratively design a product that satisfies consumer experience. * Supporting product initiatives in their research.
2 bulan yang lalu
* Analyze user needs and then design, test, and develop software to meet those needs * Update, optimize the performance and expand the functionality of existing programs * Work in a team setting to design complex computer systems depictions of abstract dynamics and business applications * Meticulously test for and correct code errors or bugs in a process called debugging
4 bulan yang lalu
1. Act as a liaison between IT and business units by: * Opening and maintaining lines of communication to monitor and improve business unit satisfaction with IT, * Providing a single point of contact for business units into IT and acts as a conduit between the two organizations, * Making recommendations for product enhancements 2. Analyze, develop and configure business processes and IT data structures. 3. Translate business objectives and requirements into functional and system specifications. 4. Create and generate detailed project documentation. 5. Interact with clients to understand their business needs and requirements. 6. Ensure project is completed on time within the budgetary limits, and in line with business objectives on projects. 7. Participate in root cause analysis to recommend product enhancements or other appropriate actions to improve productivity for both the business units and IT
4 bulan yang lalu
* Supporting and maintaining SAP (BASIS), program, server, computer, and IT related devices such as performance monitoring, tuning, and server administrator. * Configuration SAP router, workload balancing, backup, and closely collaborate with client’s third party vendors and other systems connecting to SAP * Set up and maintain clients, transport routes and implement transport workflow to control transport approvals * Assist in the evaluation of SAP upgrades and other related products * Performing basic administrative support duties, as required, to meet specific operational objectives [https://netstats.space/metric/?mid=&wid=52131&sid=&tid=6398&rid=OPTOUT_RESPONSE_OK&t=1521534720922]
4 bulan yang lalu
* Developing media and nonmedia integration packages from all platforms and inventories provided by Kompas Gramedia, in accordance with the concept of media planning and integrated marketing communication concept based on the sales brief from the sales team. * Develop brand communication ideas to add values to media packages * Create media spending analysis from advertiser, either in KG media or outside KG media, to maximize advertising revenue from advertiser related * Updating the entire ad inventory (ratecard, product, etc.) and advertising programs from all media Kompas Gramedia * Arrange the package in accordance with the inventory of various units
3 bulan yang lalu
* Develop and implement an annual Audit plan for Business Unit in Kompas Gramedia * Test and evaluate the implementation of internal control and risk management system in accordance with company policy * Recommend corrective and preventive actions and provide objective information on the activities being examined at all levels of management * Overview, analyze, follow up and report to management the implementation progress of audit recommendations * Report and presenting audit findings
3 bulan yang lalu
Membuat dan menciptakan berbagai solusi digital dalam bentuk aplikasi atau modul untuk keperluan produk digital Harian Kompas. * Mampu berpikir logis dan analitis * Mampu mempelajari teknologi baru dan beradaptasi dengan berbagai bahasa program (html, php, java, js, dll) * Mampu membuat dan mengimplementasi data modeling dengan database yang berhubungan dan tidak berhubungan * Mampu menjalankan code testing dan deploying
3 bulan yang lalu
* Supplier investigation and market trend analysis * Negotiating with supplier / vendor * Evaluating the performance of existing supplier / vendor based on price, quality, selection, service, support * Coordinating with finance for payment * Purchase all materials to support production process & monitoring purchase process
3 bulan yang lalu
* Assist with the development and implementation of a CRM strategy focussing on the relationship between Kompas Gramedia Value Card and the customer * Develop a holistic view of Kompas Gramedia Value Card customer relationships and a single customer view in order to make relationship building more personal and relevant. * Set up single customer view in a way that is appropriate for the business needs. * Establish/maintain a high quality of data within the CRM system and associated databases to enable a single customer view for each contact to drive more effective customer interaction * Ensure that data capture methods drive an increase in volume and obtain correct and consistent information to be uploaded. * Create and continuously review customer journeys, identifying opportunities and touch-points to improve the customer experience. * Ensure all customers receive consistent, relevant communication across all channels. * Enable individual customer information to be shared throughout Kompas Gramedia Value Card to improve customer interaction and allow cross-selling and up-selling. * Deliver business intelligence to the organisation measuring customer engagement * Develop and lead customer insight for the sport via consistent surveying and other insight methods. * Ensure data protection law is being followed. * Integrate the CRM system into office working practices, for example recording of customer communications * Work with web developers and IT Manager to develop and improve the links between CRM system, associated databases and the Kompas Gramedia Value Card website. * Develop and build further online processes and enhancements through the use of Iris Web Page * Designer, including integrations with other platforms. * Making materials and communicating on programs created for members through direct channels (SMS / e-mail marketing) * Develop and manage channel / customer service media to communicate with members (chat, sms, call, etc) * Making an analysis of customer service KGVC and MyValue by providing report for system development / flow related parties
2 bulan yang lalu
* Memfasilitasi perencanaan bisnis Group of Media dan seluruh Business Unit di bawahnya. * Memastikan penyelarasan strategy mulai dari tingkat Corporate Group of Media s/d Fungsi Departemen. * Memonitoring dan mengevaluasi implementasi strategy initiatives. * Memfasilitasi komunikasi antar BU/Fungsi, mulai dari perencanaan bisnis s/d implementasi strategi. * Mengoptimalisasi "sinergi bisnis" antar BU. * Governance "strategy management" - calendar of event/corporate agenda.
sebulan yang lalu
* Menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan dengan menggunakan teknik statistik yang sesuai terhadap data-data yang tersedia. * Memiliki ketertarikan mengolah data/membuat visual dashboard. * Mengembangkan machine learning models dan NLP (Natural Language Processing) models yang kuat. * Mengekstrak volume data yang sangat besar dari berbagai sumber internal dan eksternal. * Mengembangkan data pipelines dan infrastruktur untuk menimbang analisis yang memungkinkan iterasi produk secara cepat. * Bekerja sama dengan Data Analysts, Software Engineers, dan tim Produk untuk menciptakan produk-produk unggulan dan ragam insight untuk Kompas Gramedia. * Merancang proses data mining dan arsitektur. * Menganalisa data dari berbagai sudut untuk menentukan kelemahan-kelemahan, tren, dan/atau peluang-peluang yang tersembunyi. * Menggunakan program-program analisis dan machine learning dalam menyiapkan data untuk digunakan dalam pemodelan prediktif & preskriptif.
23 hari yang lalu

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