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Group of Digital - Kompas Gramedia

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With a sustainable working place, Kompas.com offers intriguing experiences to expand your network as well as your career. Our basecamp filled with a group of diverse yet talented people who share the same interest in news, internet technology, multimedia and e-commerce.

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-Melakukan perencanaan, review kinerja setiap individu di departemen/divisi yang dipegangnya sesuai dengan KPI perusahaan serta KPI divisi/departemen yang telah dibuat -Melakukan analisa dan penerapan kebutuhan pengembangan setiap karyawan -Melakukan Talent Management termasuk di dalamnya perencanaan karir, pemetaan talent, pelaksanaan pengembangan talent, mutasi dan promosi -Melakukan analisa jabatan, evaluasi jabatan dan work load analysis -Melakukan analisa dan pengembangan organisasi sesuai dengan strategi dan tantangan perusahaan saat ini maupun di masa yang akan datang -Melakukan Program Knowledge Management di perusahaan -Melakukan proses rekrutment dan seleksi -Melakukan program Branding -Melaporkan setiap kegiatan HRD setiap harinya
20 hari yang lalu
* Developments of new concepts, ideas, basic data on, and applications for, organization’s products and services. * Collect and analyzes data to evaluate existing and potential products and service markets * Identify and monitor competitors and research market conditions or changes in the industry that may affect sales.
sebulan yang lalu
* Create budgets & timelines for video productions * In charge of all shooting needs, including but not limited to: location permits, equipment rental, and talent searching. * Work collaboratively with writers, videographers, editors, other video producers, and/or third parties to create high quality video contents, depending on the project.
sebulan yang lalu
* Manage and develop relationships with partners and clients * Develop thorough understanding of client and partners’ business challenges * Build and maintain a strong knowledge of Gridoto’s advertising products and solutions * Serve as a consultant for partners to bring them creative ideas as a solution for their business challenges * Create proposal and media plan that relevant for partners’ business challenges. * Work with creative team to translate client and partner’s brief into high quality and relevant creative concept * Manage multiple cross platform projects * Manage relationship with third party content provide
sebulan yang lalu
* Responsible for selling ads (advertisement) spaces at multi platform media (printed, electronic, digital, and outdoor) * Build networking in order to create business opportunity to achieve target revenue * Generate high volume of sales related activities including proposals, presentations, and ontime payment from client
sebulan yang lalu
* Organize office and assist associates in ways that optimize procedures * Sort and distribute communications in a timely manner * Create and update records ensuring accuracy and validity of information * Schedule and plan meetings and appointments * Monitor level of supplies and handle shortages * Coordinate with other departments to ensure compliance with established policies * Maintain trusting relationships with colleagues * Perform receptionist duties when needed
sebulan yang lalu
* Manage PR issues * Prepare and submit PR Reports * Develop PR campaigns & media relations strategies * Collaborate with internal teams & maintain open communication with senior management * Update promotional material & publications (brochures, videos, social media posts, etc.) * Prepare & distribute press releases * Organize PR events & serve as the company's spokesperson * Track media coverage & follow industry trends * Seek opportunities for partnership & sponsorships
sebulan yang lalu
* Analyze user needs and then design, test, and develop software to meet those needs * Update, optimize the performance and expand the functionality of existing programs * May work in a team setting to design complex computer systems depictions of abstract dynamics and business applications * Meticulously test for and correct code errors or bugs in a process called debugging
sebulan yang lalu
* Illustrates concept by designing rough layout of art and copy regarding speed, arrangement, size, type size and style, and related aesthetic concepts. Eg: job vacancy, announcements, condolences Ad, congratulation Ad, Banner Digital Ad, etc * Help revise ad design and final artwork as directed from account executives * Provide technical recommendations related to ad design
sebulan yang lalu
* Read scripts and storylines to understand animation requirements * Prepare presentations with raw designs * Develop storyboards for the initial stages of production * Create models, drawings and illustrations by hand or electronically * Editing images with background graphics and special effects * Ensure synchronization of frames and audio * Collaborate with production crew (designers, event officer etc.)
sebulan yang lalu
1. Act as a liaison between IT and business units by: * Opening and maintaining lines of communication to monitor and improve business unit satisfaction with IT, * Providing a single point of contact for business units into IT and acts as a conduit between the two organizations, * Making recommendations for product enhancements 2. Analyze, develop and configure business processes and IT data structures. 3. Translate business objectives and requirements into functional and system specifications. 4. Create and generate detailed project documentation. 5. Interact with clients to understand their business needs and requirements. 6. Ensure project is completed on time within the budgetary limits, and in line with business objectives on projects. 7. Participate in root cause analysis to recommend product enhancements or other appropriate actions to improve productivity for both the business units and IT
sebulan yang lalu
* Create retail advertising design: manipulate design properties such as type size, font style, spacing, column width, placement, accuracy, aesthetics, and ad legibility (Ex: Job vacancy, announcement, obituary, congratulation ad., banner digital ad., etc) * Editing visual aspects of marketing materials, websites and other media, including infographics * Refine images, fonts, and layout using graphic design software * Review the specifications and final content of the advertising artwork to fit the required specifications and client’s needs * Revised advertising design and final artwork according to Account Excecutive / Implementer request * Provide technical and rational reccomendations regarding to the advertising design/final artwork
15 hari yang lalu
* Supporting and maintaining SAP (BASIS), program, server, computer, and IT related devices such as performance monitoring, tuning, and server administrator. * Configuration SAP router, workload balancing, backup, and closely collaborate with client’s third party vendors and other systems connecting to SAP * Set up and maintain clients, transport routes and implement transport workflow to control transport approvals * Assist in the evaluation of SAP upgrades and other related products * Performing basic administrative support duties, as required, to meet specific operational objectives
14 hari yang lalu
* Developing media and nonmedia integration packages from all platforms and inventories provided by Kompas Gramedia, in accordance with the concept of media planning and integrated marketing communication concept based on the sales brief from the sales team. * Develop brand communication ideas to add values to media packages * Create media spending analysis from advertiser, either in KG media or outside KG media, to maximize advertising revenue from advertiser related * Updating the entire ad inventory (ratecard, product, etc.) and advertising programs from all media Kompas Gramedia * Arrange the package in accordance with the inventory of various units
7 hari yang lalu

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