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Jakarta, Indonesia

Crown Palace Blok E No. 2 Jl. Prof. Dr. Soepomo,SH No. 231 Tebet, Jakarta Selatan



Who We Are

PT. Strategic Pestcontrol is a pest control company, we has been since 2008 ago. We are one of service company ready to compete with a company another by improving the quality of service.

Integrated pest management company focused in servicing commercial developments, residential areas and industrial parks. Fully trained technicians practicing ethical and safe pest control techniques.

SPC agents are well equipped with integrated pest management (IPM) knowledge and consider carefully all available pest control techniques, known information on the life cycle of pests and best practices in planning solutions and treatments.

Treatments observe high safety standards and use methods that are least invasive to the environment; minimizing the use of chemicals wherever we can.

We offer services in common pest control, rodent control, termite control and fumigation services for houses, commercial businesses, mixed developments and industrial parks.

Pests threatens your health and the safety of your products and stakeholders, our agents will impart the knowledge of P.E.S.T. and work with you in a continous process to ensure that you are protected all-year round.

PREVENTION : Assesments of all physical environment factors to identify structural conditions, sanitation issues and other factors that point to how pests can get in or why they might want to.

EXCLUSION : Tailored programs for your specific needs based on the physical assesments. Proactive techniques such as physical exclusion, putting trap-doors, sealing holes to close all points of entry to your home or business.

SANITATION: Non-chemical cleaning and treatment options to prevent pests before they become an issue and to make the environment unattractive to pests.

TREATMENT: Using the latest tools and available chemicals, SPC technicians will address the current pest population problem and implement control measures to make sure that the problem is addressed.

Our Office

A Great Place To Work
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The People Behind Our Company
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Benson Engelbert KawengianDirector
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Jimmy HutaurukGeneral Manager
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Fuad EffendieHR & GA Manager
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Ranto Poan SilitongaService Manager
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Irwan PriyadiSales Team

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