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PT. NOOSC Global

NOOSC initially started as Managed Security Services Provider. As the first of MSSP in Indonesia, we have gained much experience in MSSP and Security Operations Centre (SOC) market and after 3+ years working closely with Banking, Telecommunication, Insurance and Government institution, we found that MSSP or SOC alone does not fill in the gap in our client business space.

In 2018 we start our transformation journey from classic MSSP to Operations Analytics Services Provider. There are so much information/data within your server, networks (your log files is your treasures) - not only information about the systems but also data about your business transaction but lack of understanding and exploitation, because to reveal the treasure underneath require tedious work, dedicated human resources and the right technology. So here's the gap that we are filling. As we came from infosec background, we will be continuing to strengthen our core competencies in Information Protection and Cyber Defence business, but now we are adding additional layer of providing IT operations compliance services (e.g. High Privilege user access review, Data Centre/DRC access review, regular vulnerability assessment) plus we are now start partnering with the various Operations Intelligence technology platform company to provide solutions and services in order to gain better visibility of your operations - not only IT but also your business operations (e.g. business transaction monitoring). We are a strong believer that protecting the information security of our customers is our key contribution in making the world a safer place for global growth. However, we wanted to contribute further, by helping organisation better responding to their business dynamics in near or realtime manner.



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