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OttoDigital is a complete digital financial ecosystem platform that serves and supports the business' group - the Salim Group - one of the largest retail business companies in Indonesia serving the most comprehensive network all over Indonesian

We possess the same passion and aspiration to create change by helping people about financial inclusion and to contribute in the facilitation of financial management and to achieve the financial goals of all levels of society in Indonesia.

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Current vacancies

* Design, build, and improve applications (APIs, web applications, backend systems, and third-party integrations) * Write great quality, scalable, maintainable code * Handle and solve issues in production * Prepare concise and clear documentation * Work closely with cross functional teams (Product, Mobile, QA, Infra, etc) on planning and execution * Willingness to learn new programming languages, methodologies, and technologies
8 bulan yang lalu
•Advanced data analytics and statistical modeling to extract insights from data •Using machine learning to explore patterns in big data (Data Mining) •Using predictive modelling to increase and optimize customer experiences, revenue generation, ad targeting and other business outcome •Work with cross-functional team member to identify and prioritize actionable, high-impact insights across a variety of core business areas
9 bulan yang lalu
* Experience with open source platform such as Java/Golang, Spring Boot, Kafka, Redis, Hadoop * Relevant experience with Micro services and RESTful web services * Understanding of Micro services framework. Also able to integrate with and managing APIs exposing micro services (REST, SOAP) * Experience with Spring frameworks * Understanding of distributed databases Cassandra, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL * Knowledge of the Hibernate framework * Understanding of TCP/IP and socket-based communication * Experience with Apache and SSL Authentication * Dev Ops experience with Dockers will be highly preferred * Experience with PCIDSS compliance, Scrum methodology and Agile practices
9 bulan yang lalu
•Design: Lead and participate in design sessions and discussions, including architectural recommendations, best practices mentoring, coding standards enforcement, and design pattern modeling. •Development: Participate as needed in the development and implementation of Java software based on approved design. •Write new programs or create modifications to existing applications as necessary based on project requirements. •Follow established standards for the design, coding, and testing of software. •Also has responsibility for developing and implementing internal projects and toolsets for consumption by other team members that improve team productivity and quality. •Testing: Review test plans, test files, and scripts for unit testing through integration testing. •Work with users to validate system testing and conformity with functional requirements. •Implementation: Follow appropriate change management and implementation procedures. •Ensure that appropriate technical and functional documentation is prepared. •Coordinate the implementation process. •Support: Provide guidance and training to less experienced team members, provide guidance on technical troubleshooting and coordinate support with vendors and internal support teams. Provide support to new applications during and after implementation.
3 bulan yang lalu
* Gather and evaluate user requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers * Illustrate design ideas using storyboards, process flows and sitemaps * Design graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs and widgets * Build page navigation buttons and search fields * Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like * Create original graphic designs (e.g. images, sketches and tables) * Prepare and present rough drafts to internal teams and key stakeholders
3 bulan yang lalu
A Technical writer can translate a complex technical and functional specification both of existing and future development of our Informations System and Technology into user-friendly text for print and electronic documentation. Technical Writer will gather information from technical staff or system analyst or project/product manager.
3 bulan yang lalu
•Bridging Business/Product, Ops, Finance, Marketing Team and IT Team •Define scope and timeline for Development and QA •Collaborate with Tech Lead to assess business requirement and translate it to technical tasks (backlogs) •Create and maintain backlogs, so that the developers know what to build, and the QA testers know what tests to run •Manage task and team assignment •Monitor and track day-to-day execution •Manage applications deployment and release •Maintain important documents •Support and analyze production issues, as well as coordinate with related teams to solve the issues
3 bulan yang lalu
* Develop , implement and monitoring reporting mechanisms for Governance, Security and Risk practice to support compliance and highlight areas of exposure * Review identified security risks and breaches to ensure the the organization's assets and information are appropriately secured at all times * Monitor and review compliance with Risk Management strategies and practice to ensure ICT-related activities are meeting minimum standards
3 bulan yang lalu
* Determining feature requirements. * Researching customer experiences and demands. * Improving customer experiences. * Outlining a detailed product strategy. * Managing cross-functional teams. * Managing product road maps and releases. * Understanding product selling points. * Identifying and filling product gaps. * Generating new product ideas. * Developing product pricing and positioning strategies. * Working alongside engineering teams. * Working with PR and marketing teams to manage product launches.
3 bulan yang lalu
* Responsible for managing all MIS related work like managing data, preparing dashboards, respond to ad hoc analysis requests, analysis on special project in a timely and accurate manner to help management in effective decision making. * Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports & dashboards. * Prepare Management review deck. * Responsible for portfolio analysis at the defined frequency. * Manage confidentiality of the data handled and ensure accuracy of the data recorded. * Participate on new product launch, policy change implementations and process changes.
3 bulan yang lalu
* Develop the overall strategy for merchant acquisition * Develop merchant acquisition infrastructure (value proposition, sales pipeline/processes, pitch, etc.) for the team * Manage/deploy a team of merchant acquisition hunters and ensure that the team achieves the KPIs set by management * Generate, coordinate and plan inbound/outbound leads with a focus on strategic or large merchant partners * Cultivate, manage and grow key strategic relationships that will generate opportunities for merchant acquisition * Plan program and activities that will drive merchant acquisition
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