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Jakarta, Indonesia

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Three Decades of Excellence and Service

Founded in 1981
Three Decades of Excellence and Service

Datra Internusa is a specialist project delivery and engineering company that plans, manages and executes construction projects in Indonesia. The company offers general construction services or accept sub constract arrangements from all the major general contractors in Indonesia. 


  • Integrated Waterproofing Services 
  • Sports & Entertainment Halls Construction
  • Green Development Solution

Datra manufactures and installs paint and waterproofing materials. Our waterproofing products have successfully protected many architectural landmarks. We are also a leading sports construction authority in the country. The brands we represent are internationally renowned and certified. We have built sports venues for community, commercial, and international competition use.

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Beka Asia, is an advisory and holding company in Indonesia that operate in technology, construction and commercial services. Beka Asia believe modern business lives at the intersection of science, design and technology. Beka Asia purpose is to build such business on strong cornerstones of tested principles and integrity so we can create meaningful impact in society. In walking the growth, Beka Asia is now looking for an innovative HR profile that will leads the strong transformation change focus across Beka Asia's subsidiaries to become their Human Capital Development Manager with below job responsibilities: * Understand the products, operations, strategies, goals and leadership of Beka Asia as a holding company * Constantly assess functional organizational health and effectiveness, identifying opportunities to drive improvements and efficiency along with growth and scaleble success * Develop and deliver educational and experiential offerings to drive manager effectiveness and leadership, and in turn drive employee effectiveness, engagement, and satisfaction * Provide HR guidance on topics such as compensation, organizational change, retention, engagement, development and performance * Provide direction/coaching on employee relations issues, feedback, mentoring and career planning * Collaborate with management team and middle managers to create career development plans for all employees in the internal client group * Partner effectively with managers to ensure they on-boarding period, engage, leverage, scale and retain their staff successfully * Partner with internal HR recruiter and admin to provide insights and support informed, high-quality decisions * Design and implement appropriate roll out plans for programs and initiatives * Provide training-reinforcement on company policies * Participate enthusiastically on the team by providing great feedback, ideas, and suggestions * Be a problem solver – and a creative one at that
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This position is for an entry-level Sales & Marketing with basic knowledge of building materials sales and a positive attitude. Ideally you have relationships and proven sales track record with deal that involve: Development owners, main national contractors, international contractors, architects and consultants. Preferred background is civil engineering or architecture although not a must. You are driven and a go getter. You are confident to work alone but also comfortable to work in teams.
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