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As Performance Advertising Analyst, you will be part of Growth Marketing team who run performance-based advertising to increase brand awareness, promote products campaigns or services and to drive prospects to conversions. Job Descriptions: * Plan & execute a variety of performance advertising campaigns across a range of digital channel (e.g. display ads, search ads, social media ads, mobile ads) to ensure the quality of delivery & performance on a regular basis. * Analyze, evaluate, and optimize digital marketing campaign performance to make sure all the investment is effective and efficient. * Work with creative team to write engaging copy for adverts and make creative suggestions which works best for the campaigns. * Work together with technology team to ensure availability and reliability of performance advertising platform (i.e. technical implementation, data tracking and platform deliverability). * Produce detailed analysis and reports of campaigns.
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Public Relation Specialist Who will be responsible for implementing and managing PR programs and initiatives in order to maintain and improve company image; Creating and producing creative content for the company in collaboration with Brand and Creative dept; Developing corporate image and also managing overall company reputation among the community and general public.
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Be The Agent of Change! Customer standard of satisfaction is always change, that’s the main reason we constantly refine the tools, process, standard, environment, and methodologies that drive improvements to the customer experience. To get there, we need exceptionally talented, bright, and visionary people, that are dare to take risks and question the status quo. Service Innovation & Incubation team have mission to build a bold Customer Management team and service experience. We will gather customer insights, Customer Management trend and operational information to make key business decisions and it will has a direct impact on service strategy. But Service Innovation and Incubation isn’t just about giving recommendations. We will use wide range of autonomy to innovate and implement on behalf of our customers and that is the irreplaceable opportunity to impact people’s online experiences.
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* Work with large amounts of data, facts, figures and number crunching. * Analyze, evaluate and connect across different data sources to find insights. * Work with technology team to ensure data availability, validity and reliability of various data source platforms. * Produce detailed analysis, insights and reports.
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* You will be responsible to develop and manage affiliate marketing campaigns including big brand campaign, on-going and upcoming campaign. * Being involved in vertical project which require you to collaborate with other departments (trade partnership & performance ads) to make sure all KPI is on track and promos are up to date. * Analyzing previous campaign and come up with creative campaign to leverage Blibli Affiliates. * Expanding Blibli Affiliate Program by approaching new potential partnership and maintaining / improving current Affiliates performance. * Analyzing current issue and accommodating Partners’ needs by providing best solution for both parties. * Analyzing competitor movement and provide strategic plan for Blibli to win the market. * Analyzing internal resources to identify issues and opportunities to scale up Blibli Affiliate Program. You will also work closely with Product & Developer team to make sure all features needed scheduled on time.
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About The Program Who can stop the emerging digital economy era? No one! So, why not taking part in it? In, you will work with professionals from a various field such as Return Management, Logistics, Warehousing, Customer Service, Operations Business Intelligence, and Operations Business Developments, who along with other departments team up and run the whole business. Indeed, e-commerce is a huge playground and there are thousands of opportunities waiting for you to be discovered. If you are willing to jump into the business, able to learn at a fast speed, and ready to take a lead, then this program is for YOU! Find yourself transforming, since this 18-months exclusive program will equip you to be the next leader in Management Development Program. Final question: are you in to take the challenge?
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