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Mid Plaza 2, 2nd floor. Jl. Jenderal Sudirman kav.10-11, Jakarta Pusat.


Who We Are

Its main FOCUS is to provide customers with WORLD-CLASS cloud
services by leveraging Biznet’s network, data center and extensive
infrastructure, as well as the expertise of IIJ as one of the pioneers
of Cloud service provider in Japan. With its state-of-the-art design,
Biznet GIO Cloud will be able to provide an SLA level of 99.9%

As Cloud has many layers, Biznet GIO Cloud firstly provides
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) like GIO Cloud that provides highly
elastic public Cloud and GIO Enterprise that provides highly
controllable private Cloud. However as it evolves, it will also provide
Storage-as-a-Service and Web application development and execution
platform as part of its Platform-as-a-Service offerings that will be
available this year.

In order to provide high availability service to its customers,
Biznet GIO Cloud has a plan to extend their presence in another
location, namely Bali. This will allow its customer to have a Disaster
Recovery site for their mission critical applications that are running
in Biznet GIO Cloud environment both public and private.

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Current vacancies

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Join the web development team where you will act as a full stack developer. You will develop various back end and front end for BiznetGio’s cloud infrastructure as well as our business and office support system, you will also conduct various PoC for 3rd party products and solutions, and create comprehensive report for feasibility on integration with existing system.
2 bulan yang lalu
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Join our team your chance to work in the biggest local cloud provider in Indonesia and have fun doing it. As a member of the RnD team, you will design and implement the standards that define our world class cloud infrastructure. Working closely with application engineers, systems administrators, and operations staff, you’ll be tasked with deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting our ad delivery technology on a global scale. You’ll be a critical part of a fast-moving, innovative team, providing support and expertise where needed. Tell us about your experience why you think you'll be suitable for the job
5 bulan yang lalu
, |
Responsibilities : * Solution base Cloud Consultant for enterprise customer * Designing virtualization environment and network infrastructure based on customer requirements * System Integration with our cloud service for enterprise customer Enterprise Solution R&D
5 bulan yang lalu
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Responsibilities include: * Target oriented * In depth interaction with our pre-sales/cloud solution team to develop sales excellent modules. * Includes some direct lead generation and prospecting * The individual must be able to express technology and product positioning to both businesses and technical users. * Must be able to identify technical issues to maintain customer satisfaction through all stages of the sales process and sales cycle.
3 bulan yang lalu
, |
As a product manager in Biznet GIO, your main responsibility is to ensure that Biznet GIO provide the right product with the right method that will satisfy our customer as well as grow our market. You will be reporting to principle product manager and will work together to define product roadmap and release timeline of the product. Your “A day in the life” activities would cover : 1. Lead the product research to cover competitor analysis, market analysis, product trends, market trends, to identify what product or how the product should be.2. Design the product to define its roadmap, detailed requirements, features, and customer experience.3. Drive product development, scope and prioritize for each sprint development and each release.4. Prepare go-to-market plan by working closely with sales and marketing team to strategize on how to bring the product to customers.5. Monitor product usage by analyze how fit is the product to customer, analyze user experience, analyze product performance. You will also be working together with product operation team to ensure you get the comprehensive visibility of the product usage and performance.
19 hari yang lalu
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* Concept and Create creative design for all marketing materials (Print Ads, Digital Ads, Social Media Images, Flyers, Posters, etc) * Contributing ideas and design artwork to the overall brief * Manage multiple deadlines and complete work order
13 hari yang lalu
, |
* Organize social media and company website * Making and manage content for social media & web based on monthly and weekly plan * Interviewing requested people for content production * Involved in digital marketing plans, strategies, and reports
13 hari yang lalu
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As a web designer in Biznet GIO, your main responsibility is to create front-end web application using HTML, CSS, and javascript. You will be working closely with product owners, UX designer, as well as UI designer. You will be making mock up web application until the design is approved and make it ready for engineers to integrate it to backend. Your “A day in the life” activities would cover : 1. Designing interface based on mock up prepared by UX designers. 2. Building the interface using HTML, CSS, and javascript 3. Build reusable code and libraries for future use 4. Optimize interface for maximum speed, compatibility, and scalability
6 hari yang lalu
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As a QA Engineer, your main responsibility is to ensure product is worthy to go to production.You will be working closely with Product Owner and Developers. Your “A day in the life” activities would cover : 1. Design and manage test case for product that will be tested 2. Conduct test for all product that will be released to production 3. Measure and report on product quality even after production
6 hari yang lalu
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The person we’re looking for : 1. People person 2. Able to communicate clearly, assertively, and confidently 3. Logical by nature 4. Strong leadership 5. Good negotiating skill 6. Has a good exposure in IT world
6 hari yang lalu
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* The Product Operation Support will provide customer support for Cloud Solution. * The Product Operation Support will work with an experienced team of Support Engineers & Technical Support personel to expanding and improving the services that support the Company’s Customers Cloud Server. * Provides services to customer such as troubleshoot and analyzed cloud server problem * System monitoring, to take a proactive action for operational object (Equipment & Circuit) * Troubleshooting and isolate acknowledge problem and make a fault recoveries
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