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We build supercluster of billions data to answer humanity biggest problems. From predicting terrorist attack to finding the cure for cancer.

Big Data Solution for Everyone

Whether you want to visualize, consume to an app, buy, analyze sell or monetize your data, certainly Volantis can make your life easier. Volantis have built-in data connector to modern database, file and IoT device so you can easily connect your existing data infrastructure to Volantis. Once connected to Volantis you can do almost anything to gain value from your data. With more than 10k datasets available in our marketplace you can easily select the data that suit your business or monetize your own data easily. Volantis Xplorer offers easy data visualization such as customized dashboard, data exploration tools, alert system and automated reporting tool

The Biggest Data and Machine Learning (AI) Marketplace

Deploying Machine Learning (AI) as API endpoint is never been easy with Volantis ML Studio. Whether you are savvy enough to build your own model using our drag n drop machine learning composer or just browse and consume machine learning (AI) model from our marketplace. Both option is easy and scale as you grow. Never again worrying about deploying and scaling machine learning (AI) system. We take care of the hard part such as data service, algorithm composer, model training, model serving and prediction endpoint so you can focus on things that are truly matters for your business

Volantis Data Pipeline, Marketplace and Machine Learning (AI) Infrastructure

We take care of all the infrastructure heavy lifting so you can focus on your main goal without doing unnecessary things. End to end data and machine elarning (AI) pipeline can be achieved with following steps:

  1. Connect your data or select desired datasets from our marketplace
  2. Consume your own datasets easily at scale
  3. Monetize your datasets in the marketplace
  4. Build your own machine learning model (AI) Using drag n drop ML composer
  5. Consume or monetize your own model that you just built in the marketplace
  6. Browse thousand available model in our marketplace and integrate to your application
  7. Make money by creating and listing machine learning (AI) model in our marketplace


All of above is possible because be taking all the hard part in our side such as: data pipelining system so you can consume your data easily without worrying about scalability, marketplace so you can buy and sell data or machine learning model and integration and ML Composer so you can design your own AI without expertise in data science.

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About You: If you think you could go beyond your capabilities, than you are the right person for this role! You need to have a go-getter personality, with high driven desires in achieving any challenge thats given towards you! You can either be the joke-starter, or the great lister, mainly a great listener so you could fully fulfilled the client's crazy personalities out there! Apparently, if you live your life to solve people's problems, high level of integrity and strong work ethic and would love to talk in general just to keep them, you would be it! On the daily basis, the ideal candidate to fill in the CSR position would be someone that would be handling the below Responsibilities: * Working directly with our VP of Business Development, Digital Marketing & Investor Relations as a collaborative and contributing member of the Marketing team in Volantis Technology * Serving as the first point of contact for customers for non-technical questions, concerns, issues, etc. * Developing positive working relationships with clients and prospective clients * Assisting with customer onboardings, as well as providing timely service and support as needed on all customer accounts * Creating quotes and purchase orders for customer approval * Resolving customer issues or concerns, escalating issues to other Volantis team members when necessary for resolution * Maintaining healthy account relationships by operating as the go-to resource for the customer, and the internal point person that manages internal deliverables on a customer’s systems, reports, projects, issue resolution, etc. * Performing regular account reviews of our accounts and communicating findings with customers in a timely fashion * Maintaining a consistent customer communication schedule, and assisting our management staff with any assigned tasks as may be delegated.
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About you: You have a gift for taking unstructured and messy data, cleaning it, finding key trends and outliers, developing predictive models, and making those models understood by others. You enjoy immersing yourself in the data and want to become the go – to modeling expert. You thrive in a fast-paced environment where new challenges come up every day but you are organized so no balls are dropped. You are comfortable working on your own but you also enjoy collaborating with others. You are a good listener and able to translate the business questions and needs into just the right analysis and model. On the daily basis, the ideal candidate for a Data Science Consultant would be handling on the Responsibilities as below: * Integrate large volume of data from different sources including DB2 SQL Server, Web API and Teradata into a common analytics warehouse. * Capture business expertise and needs through job shadowing experiences and interviews. * Apply such knowledge as well as validation, aggregation and reconciliation techniques to create rich modeling-ready data framework. * Design and execute design an execute solution based on machine learning * Efficiently interpret results and communicate findings and potential value to manager and business partners. * Play a lead role in integrating solutions within existing business processes using automation techniques. * Consult and mentor on statistical work for analysts within the area. * Understand theory and application of current of theoritical machine learning and implementation * Perform other related duties as assigned.
2 bulan yang lalu
About You: Community Manager is the one who will find ways to communities conduct, grow and connect with each other. Community Manager we are looking for should be motivated the teams to grow and spread Scorp in their circles. You need to be a joke-starter and a good listener, someone that could allow other people to express themselves verbally and will give propoer feedbacks, smart, easy-going, go-getter personality, who loves to meet tons of people per day, as well as someone who is passionate in Startup, with tech knowledge would be great! The main responsibility of the Community Manager is the have the insights about the motivations of the teams and use them as the best way possible. On a daily basis, the ideal candidate for Community Manager, would be someone whose able to handle the Responsibilities as below: In terms of collaboration * Work with the editorial department to promote trending topics * Create collaboration opportunities between our community members and our editorial department Research * Research potential partners, stakeholders, and clients * Build databases of leads * Use data experts to find & administrate leads * Find potential opportunities for growing revenue within our communities Conversational Marketing * Connect with targeted community groups in a meaningful way * Manages community to promote the usage of Volantis in any industry vertical and or education/research * Develop long-lasting relationships with the community * Respond to complaints & concerns in an honest, open, and collaborative way * Manage email blasts to various contact databases * Search for new opportunities within the community * Grow online presence of brands using bulletin boards, forums, and comments sections * Evangelize the brand to external parties * Attend meetings & conferences as a brand evangelist * Facilitate regional networking events for the community * Manage our Meetup & Facebook group communities Offer-led Engagement * Devise offers and incentive schemes for the community * Develop relationships with competitors * Facilitate deals between stakeholders * Provide data with full analysis to our partners * Report on campaign performance * Activate community members to engage with our product
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About You: You value open, active collaboration and work well with others, helping teammates who need it, and asking for the help you need in turn. You're excited to pick up new skills, techniques, and technologies, and love to share what you've learned. You love to joke around, play cards, take breaks and play pingpong table, you spread humor and digest humor! You enjoy solving difficult problems such as occur in distributed systems, care about metrics, monitoring, and testing. You're excited about working closely with people across the organization, from your direct teammates to members of ops, and customer service. You want to be a part of building something beautiful and meaningful, even if user interface isn't your specialty. On the daily basis, the ideal Front End Engineer's Responsibilities would be the below: * Hands on with React.js or Vue.js * Eager to learn new technologies, new tools, best practices and languages. * Be able to communicate and coordinate within a team. * Create scalable system without sacrificing readability. * Implement the features and user interfaces of various consumer facing applications * Architect efficient and reusable front-end systems that drive complex web applications * Collaborate with Product Designers, Product Managers, and Software Engineers to deliver compelling user-facing products * Learn about new web technologies, problem solve with a collaborative and creative team, develop areas of specialization within the team
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About You: The ideal candidate for The Data Engineer will blissfully support our software developers, database architects, data scientists on data initiatives and will ensure optimal data delivery architecture is consistent throughout ongoing projects. They must be self-directed and comfortable supporting the data needs of multiple teams, systems and products. The right candidate will be excited by the prospect of optimizing or even re-designing our company’s data architecture to support our next generation of products and data initiatives. On the daily basis, the ideal Data Engineer's Responsibilities would be the below: * Identify, design, and implement internal process improvements: automating manual processes, optimizing data delivery, re-designing infrastructure for greater scalability, * Build the infrastructure required for optimal extraction, transformation, and loading of data from a wide variety of data sources using SQL and AWS ‘big data’ technologies. * Create data tools for analytics and data scientist team members that assist them in building and optimizing our product into an innovative industry leader. * Work with data and analytics experts to strive for greater functionality in our data systems.
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About You: You must be adept at influencing and relationship building. A person that has channel, sales, or account management experience, thoughtful, engaging, and energetic. Generally, you must be a person that would love to exceed sales targets on a consistent basis through maximizing the flow of sales through our partner channel. We would like the candidate to increase the number of productive partnerships and manage the relationships with partners for the purpose of generating increasing sales leads through the partner channel. On the daily basis, the ideal candidate to fill in the Channel Manager would be someone that would be handling the belowResponsibilities: * Will directly report to the Head of Business Development * Establishes productive, professional relationships with key personnel in assigned partner accounts * Coordinates the involvement of company personnel, including support, service and management resources, in order to meet partner performance objectives and partners’ expectations * Meets assigned targets for profitable sales volume and strategic objectives in assigned partner accounts * Proactively leads a joint partner planning process that develops mutual performance objectives, financial targets, and critical milestones associated with a productive partner relationship * Proactively assesses, clarifies, and validates partner needs on an ongoing basis, sells through partner organisations to end users in coordination with partner sales resources * Manages potential channel conflict with other firm sales channels by fostering excellent communication internally and externally, and through strict adherence to channel rules of engagement * Leads solution development efforts that best address end-user needs, while coordinating the involvement of all necessary company and partner personnel * Ensures partner compliance with partner agreements * Drives adoption of company programs among assigned partners
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About you: We think you’ll enjoy working with our team if you: * Bring a passion to stay on top of tech trends, experiment with and learn new technologies, and participate in technology communities. * Can be flexible, agile, dependable, and responsive even when there are a lot of moving parts and prefer that over following rigid processes and guidelines. * Collaborate well with others (even non-technical folk) and try to understand their points of view so that you can reach the best possible solution for everyone. * Have a positive yet practical attitude; You are willing to take on any task that might help take one of our products, or our company, a little further. On the daily basis , the idea canddiate for FullStack Engineer should be able to cover the below Responsibilities: * Support the entire application lifecycle (concept, design, test, release and support) * Integrate data from various back-end services and databases * Produce fully functional applications writing clean code * Troubleshoot and debug to optimize performance * Liaise with Product development team to plan new features * Ensure new and legacy applications meet quality standards * Research and suggest new mobile products, applications and protocols * Stay up-to-date with new technology trends.
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About you: * Breadth of knowledge - We move fast on small teams with a variety of technologies. * Excellent communication skills - Be able to explain with confidence what you are doing and why to your teammates and to the client. * Adaptability – You need to work with new technologies or deal with challenging situations. Be able to transform loose requirements into deliverable solutions. * Problem Solving – You need to solve problems under pressure and adapt to new situations. On the daily, the ideal candidate would be able to do the below Responsibilities: * Work closely with Engineer Head and Leads, product managers, designers, and internal teams to understand user needs * Use your passion for great user experience to develop meaningful, delightful merchant and customer facing features that help our merchants connect with, engage and reward their customers * Write concise, well-organized code and sensible tests * Be given opportunities to stretch yourself by learning new technologies and take on bigger responsibilities than ever before * Support the entire application lifecycle (concept, design, test, release and support) * Integrate data from various back-end services and databases * Produce fully functional applications writing clean code * Troubleshoot and debug to optimize performance * Liaise with Product development team to plan new features * Ensure new and legacy applications meet quality standards * Research and suggest new mobile products, applications and protocols * Stay up-to-date with new technology trends.
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About you: You’ll roll up your sleeves and iterate and build upon our sales process, develop and advocate for your team, and drive overall global sales strategy at Volantis. You’ll take charge of scaling our sales engine as we grow to new markets. You’re creative and hungry, you love to win and come up with creative and client-focused ideas to drive win/win solutions for the client and Volantis. As a leader in our company, you’ll rely on your positive attitude and high energy to build and manage your team. As a manager, you’re known for your candor and coaching approach. You are committed to continuous improvement and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. On a daily basis, the ideal candidate for Head of Sales, would be someone whose able to handle the Responsibilities as below: * Achieve monthly, quarterly and annual objectives and targets * Proactively identify and launch initiatives to drive both new business development growth and operational excellence * Partner closely with Product, Finance, and Customer Success teams to improve our product based on customer feedback * Serve as the internal voice of our prospects, offering insights into the market * Create, implement, and manage a strong sales model and process for our B2B Financial Wellness offering to HR professionals, including demos, onsite events, and webinars. * Understand and communicate the Volantis platform as a way to enhance corporate benefit offering; Identify appropriate corporate partner targets as well as to develop and maintain relationships with key customers ensuring continued feedback cycle, customer satisfaction, and referrals/recommendations to their network * Translate the sales cycle into detailed steps and work with the team to ensure cycle is consistently moving forward * Bring a detailed eye for user experience and design to ensure features drive high adoption and customer enthusiasm. * Interact with customers to get product feedback and identify additional market opportunities. * Ensure execution of the developed sales strategies, plans and advertising and promotional programs * Maintain contact with key markets and customers, while maximizing potential volume. * Maintain a deep understanding of our financial objectives, market trends and industry competition in order to drive sustained revenue growth and brand strength * meet revenue targets; hire and develop a team of high performing sales individuals; build out the sales process and toolstack as needed * Ensure sales metrics are met or exceeded, including responsibilities for monthly, quarterly, and annual forecast predictability and accountability across each market. * Create and manage pipeline of new business opportunities through inbound and outbound efforts * Own account management of existing clients and drive efforts for upsell and retention of clients * Continuous process improvement to scale our sales organization
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About You: On the daily basis the ideal candidate, would be dealing with the below Responsibilities: * Continually work on the Search Engine Optimization of the websites * Fix any errors or bugs in online content; edit and post videos, podcasts and audio content to online sites as well as executing Social Media efforts and striving to improve the results in terms of KPIs * Reviewing and actively managing website and other online assets and sources * Promoting employer’s products and/or services in the digital space * Using and researching the internet and new media to reach new customers, generate leads and retain existing customers * Planning and execution of marketing projects and campaigns. Ideation and creation of collaterals, distributing them in various media and social platforms and measuring its impact and effectiveness * Analyzing market research and plan promotions, competitions and other various creative marketing techniques based on the research results. * Create online banner adverts and oversee pay per click (PPC) ad management * Write copy for email marketing campaigns * Identify new trends in digital marketing, evaluate new technologies and ensure the brand is at the forefront of industry developments, particularly developments in mobile marketing
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The Solutions Architectwill be responsible for spending 50% of their time in pre-sales architecture and solution development working with our sales team. This will include face to face and remote meetings leading clients from initial high-level discussions around needs, requirements and budget to working individually and with the larger technical team to create detailed project plans, work estimates, statements of works and customer briefings and presentations. In addition to the sales components, this role will spend approximately 50% of their time working directly on client billable activities such as projects, roadmaps, and health checks. On the daily, the ideal candidate would be handling the below Responsibilities: * Provide pre-sales support in collaboration with our sales team and ensure product and service selection meets customers business and technology needs * Manage and prioritize the proposal process to create SOW’s and respond to RFI/RFP’s * Ability to clearly articulate the benefits of the Volantis product and service solutions portfolio to various client stakeholders * Ability to listen and communicate effectively with vendors, prospects, clients, account managers and management. * Work within a cross-functional technical and sales team to provide technical expertise in the design and planning of solutions. * Interface with Director and C-level executives to introduce relevant technology and present ROI and cost avoidance figures * Comfortable driving the team towards meeting key utilization, sales and recurring revenue metrics. * Create outbound customer and partner technical documentation and presentations that define the solution. * Research, identify, test, and select technology products required for solution delivery. * Evangelize delivered solutions at industry events, customer briefings, and other venues. * Provide mentorship and training to other peers at the same level or below on processes and tools; and to handle more complex issues/requests. * Lead interdisciplinary conversations with customers to establish pain points within their environment, identify possible technology fits and develop strategies to test solutions to determine technical fit * Utilize a relationship-based selling strategy to become a trusted advisor to Volantis customers. * Provide input on the technical direction of Volantis's product offerings to include new solution suggestion and maintaining market awareness of new technology and its potential impact to iVision customers * Act as the main point of contact for prospects and customers integrating Volantis, which will ease time spent by both Product and Engineering team members. * Collect, organize and synthesize product feedback and provide ongoing reports to Product and Engineering to ensure future product development success. * Demonstrate leadership around building new internal processes with Business Development, Customer Success team to enhance the prospect and customer experience.
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* The first and most prominent responsibility of the Head of Brand Marketing is his leadership over the brand marketing department. In this position, the Head of Brand Marketing is responsible for the overall management of junior brand marketing managers, these are, the Brand Marketing Manager and the Senior Brand Marketing Manager. * The Head of Brand Marketing, in his leadership capacity, is also tasked with the creation of a departmental vision that he instills in all levels of the department, which form part of the business culture. He is also tasked with overseeing the business’s online brand marketing campaigns on digital channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, business websites, email and so forth. * The Head of Brand Marketing also oversees offline brand marketing approaches such as design marketing and hardcopy promotional materials. * The Head of Brand Marketing has overall responsibility over all creative outputs inclusive of web promotional materials, selection of creative agencies, creative briefings, graphics, photography, etc. across the business. * The Head of Brand Marketing also plays a mentorship role to key personnel in the brand marketing department, honing their professional skills and preparing them to occupy his position in the future. * Strategy: The Head of Brand Marketing also plays a major strategic role. He develops and manages the business’s brand strategy as well as corresponding brand elements in order to maximize the brand’s equity. * The Head of Brand Marketing is responsible for the creation and placement of advertising that is in support of the business’s and sales team’s initiatives through media planning, creative development, metrics, market research, and vendor management. * The Head of Brand Marketing is also responsible for the creation of all forms of marketing, for example, interactive marketing, direct marketing campaigns, advertising, sales collateral, press releases, and executive presentations. * In charge of the development of the execution plan for thought leadership initiatives, where he uses a wide range of content in order to build awareness and credibility for business and brand in the market, simultaneously establishing the organization as a thought leader in the market. * Plays the role of ensuring that all branding programs are aligned with the overall business objectives and that they are optimized and relevant to multiple audiences. Collaboration: The role of the Head of Brand Marketing, as expected, is highly collaborative. The Head of Brand Marketing works closely with the Sales department, the Director of Brand Marketing, and the Chief Marketing Officer in formulation and delivery of both the offline and online brand marketing elements/strategies. These elements are inclusive but not limited to brand design, partnership marketing, content, public relations, and advertising. * Partners with senior brand marketing management in the drawing of the departments’ budget and its subsequent allocation within the department. * Assists the Director of Brand Marketing in managing and integrating the public relations process into all program activities for the purpose of achieving ROI and maximum positive coverage. He also works with brand campaign managers in ensuring relevant brand promotion that will lead to the achievement of maximum ROI. * Analytics: The Head of Brand Marketing plays a major analytical role in establishing metrics for the purpose of measuring campaign effectiveness against KPI’s. At this capacity, he also establishes a process for benchmarking the brand’s performance in various in order to ensure that campaigns are relevant and competitive. * Ensures the completion of market analyses and monitors the competitive activity in the market as well as conducting gap analyses and financial modeling, which avail the business a competitive advantage and facilitate the realization of new brand marketing opportunities for the business. In this capacity he also integrates PR processes in brand marketing campaigns that ensures maximization of ROI. * The Head of Brand Marketing is also tasked with the preparation of reports on campaign performance, which he presents to senior brand marketing management, key stakeholders, and external partners.
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Merchant Acquisition Representative Overview: About you: The ideal candidate would be female, a self-motivator - you must have the drive and ability to do what needs to be done, even when challenging, without giving up and needing others to encourage you; young, enthusiastic and energetic - Individual that is target driven and love fast-paced environment. The ideal one would also need to be determined - Not afraid of rejections and believe execution will bring result. You must be an individual with an outgoing personality, good social skills and a firm interest in meeting new people. Confident to communicate via different forums such as physical meetings, cold-calls, email and spontaneous interactions. On the daily basis, the ideal candidate for a Merchant Acquisition Representative would be handling on the Responsibilities as below: * Lead Generation: Source and identify qualified prospects. Throughout the project, you'll gather potential prospects information and get them interested in our product value. * Sales / Merchant Sourcing: * Leverage prospecting skills and relationships to get the city best retail merchants interested in our products. You’ll spend a good portion of each day reaching out to retail merchants over the phone, email and meeting. * Develop a relationship map of all vertical government survey institution, public data institution & research institution; * Be able to connect with decision makers and develop them into key accounts leads; responsible for signing up merchants/institution to Volantis Marketplace; assisting with the design of the integration process of new merchants/institution; ensure for the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to customer needs and objectives. * Responsible for first training (if needed) of how to use our services; * Responsible for traffic each merchant for the first 3 months in Volantis Technology * Strategic Partnerships: Assist in pitching, developing strategy, or selling the services independently. You will provide assistance and information on product features and partnership details for retail merchants. * Pitch Preparation: Establish sales related projects, focus on the strategic planning from workflows to ended execution. * Negotiating and Closing: Listen and diagnose the barrier and tackle it with appropriate measure. Perfect your negotiation and closing skill to reach a mutual agreement with retail merchants. * Reporting: Prepare and submit weekly sales progress. Learn from the past, improve and challenge yourself to the next level. * Account Management: Maintain warm and healthy relationship with existing retail merchants. You'll help to solve inquiries and follow up with retail merchants to help them achieve their goals by leverage on our products.
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About you: The ideal candidate for the data scientist position would be the one that would be able to make smarter decisions to deliver even better products. Your primary focus will be in researching and optimizing machine learning methods, and create outstanding use case of machine learning. A solid foundation in statistics, either demonstrated through academic study or work experience. Experience with at least two programming languages and one general-purpose statistical package or programming library. The Data Science team mainly uses Python and Scala, but that’s not set in stone, and we value the ability to learn new libraries and ecosystems. Besides that, the Data Science team will work along with Data Engineer and Data Science Consultant to solve the problem. Friendly and ready to work with others, both technical and non-technical. We don’t work in isolation and regularly interact with each other and members of other teams.
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