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* Prepare financial statements reports * Handle Account Receivable collection * Analyzing key financial ratio * Managing coordination & collaboration with other functions within the organization * Perform the tax calculation on daily transaction according to tax regulations. * Create the list of monthly income tax and tax report. * Maintain files and records of customer receivables * Communicate with customers via telephone, email, letter or personal for collection receivables
18 hari yang lalu
* Develop and improve high quality code * Discipline to follow MVC and make reusable components * Building and managing fully automated build/test/deployment environments * Delivering various customer's product feature, and improving the overall experience of our users * Apply good architecture in developing our application
17 hari yang lalu
* Create strategic planning for entire product, including conduct research to identify customer needs and market gaps, create product roadmap, benchmarking of other products, and set priorities for product development. * Manage the entire end-to-end product line life cycle from ideation to practical activities, starting from lead the ideation of new ideas and validate hypotheses to Troubleshoot day-to-day problems * Develop & execute market strategy, such as Coordinate with operations, sales, finance, and channel team to ensure flawless launch. * Manage relationship with third parties, like vendors or implants to engage, integrate, evaluate, and maintain direct and active relationships with partners, including proactively resolving business and technical issues * Work with UI/UX Designer, lot of Software Engineers (Back End, Front End, Mobile Apps, and Quality Assurance), and Data Analyst in a daily basis.
14 hari yang lalu

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