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We offer an active, dynamic and creative working ambience in television industry in Indonesia. We create humanic and consistent self-development to aim the well-being. In our point of view, young people has an extraordinary talent through their creative and innovative idea which is very important to our multicultural nation.

Established in 1990 as regional televison station, SCTV has been developing very rapidly. In 1993, SCTV started broadcasting nationally from Jakarta under the mission of disseminating information, education, as well as entertaiment for the public. SCTV grows very fast and places itself as the most well-know TV station in Indonesia, currently covering more than 240 cities through 46 transmitting station in all provinces in Indonesia and reaching more than 177 million viewer potentials.

The Company has been listed on Indonesia Stock Exhange since 2003. Under the straightforward and dymanic slogan namely "Satu untuk Semua", SCTV together with its parent company, SCM, as well as Elang Mahkota Teknologi (EMTEK) group, continue evaluating and preparing soundly the development of the business, especially through the latest technology.

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- Do qualitative research and analysis about Indosiar in-house and out-house program - Make report and advice regarding to our TV program - Liaise with other related departments to gather product info and make frequent report - Act as key person to make development or inovation for our in-house TV program
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* Partner with human resources teams and business leaders to implement employee engagement strategies. This can include talent systems, mentoring programs, succession planning, and more. * Collaborate with the team to design training programs. They work with corporate leadership to identify individual learning initiatives that facilitate employee development. Talent development managers make sure that key talent gets needed resources and information to effectively lead and organization towards strategic goals. They ensure that leadership development happens at an appropriate level that meets the current and future needs of their company. * Managing new hire orientation and onboarding experiences for new employees. They assist in the creation of internal company career paths. The onboarding process they create helps to identify high potential individuals, determine work abilities, and professional support needed to engage and retain new talent. * Giving career and talent assessments to individuals. They utilize leadership development strategies, tools, and processes to identify learning needs and employee competencies. The results of talent assessments are then used to fill key skill gaps. Evaluating talent helps talent development managers identify employee readiness, talent gaps, and retention risks. * Establishing ways to measure the total effectiveness of all learning and development programs. Carefully monitor and report training data and statistics. After analyzing this information, talent development managers then focus on improving employee abilities and strengthening the skill set of a company’s existing workforce.
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