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Merah Cipta Media is one of the leading internet and advertising group company in Indonesia that provides complete solution in branding, marketing, communications, technology and digital media strategy & execution for major industry players in Indonesia.

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Merah Cipta Media is one of the leading internet and advertising group company in Indonesia under Djarum Group that provides complete solution in branding, marketing, communications, technology and digital media strategy & execution for major industry players in Indonesia. <br />We have a deep passion to help grow rapidly the creative and technology industry in Indonesia. Our focus range from marketing, branding, entrepreneurship and internet. We are bringing all those key elements together and try to create a great digital and technology environment in Indonesia. <br />These are the companies that working under our group Semut Api Colony, Kayu Api, Zout Production, Klix Digital, Ansvia, Infokost.id, Kincir, Mindtalk, DailySocial, Kurio, Beritagar, Merah Putih Incubator and Media X Asia.

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A content writer is a creative professional who understands how the major search engines work and what people are searching for when they visit particular websites. Their job is to ensure that their clients’ content is relevant enough to create interest for consumers, plus answer any of their questions and possibly convert them into a customer.
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We are looking for a data scientist that will help us discover the information hidden in vast amounts of data, and help us make smarter decisions to deliver even better products. Your primary focus will be in applying data mining techniques, doing statistical analysis, and building high quality prediction systems integrated with our products.
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* Greet and welcome guests as soon as they arrive at the office. * Answer, screen and forward incoming phone calls. * Ensure reception area is tidy and presentable, with all necessary stationery and material (e.g. pens, forms and brochures). * Provide basic and accurate information in-person and via phone/email
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* Capability to handle a full set of bookeeping, trial balance, reconcile all the bank and transaction record, and prepare financial statement (PL,BS,CF) is a must. * Ensure all transactions being recorded accurately which include performing a variety of clerical job, data entry, tax reporting including account reclassification and offset. * Check and confirm company liability for payment to the third parties * Check and confirm company receivable to clients Understand treasury & cash management, account receivable, account payable. * Maintain fixed asset record and the depreciation process * Maintain filing for accounting, finance and taxation data.
3 bulan yang lalu
1. Performing a variety of administration & clerical jobs, data entries, bookeepings, verification, vouchers generate, tax calculation and reporting as well as reclassification and maintain supporting book for full set of accounts and other tasks relate to accounting, financial & taxation 2. Ensure all transactions (revenue, expenses, asset, liabilities & equity) being recorded consistenly and accurately in accordance to Indonesia Financial Accounting Standard 3. Create general ledger for every transactions and maintain trial balance accordingly 4. Generate Financial Report (PL Statement, Balance Sheet & CF Report) monthly, quarterly, semester & yearly 5. Generate & report all corporate taxes to the Tax Office according to the associate reporting period 6. Perform bank and supporting books reconciliation every month to ensure all financial records accurately presented and resolve all discrepancies in Financial Statement 7. Check, confirm and maintain company liability to the vendors/3rd parties as well as receivable to clients for payment & collection 8. Maintain fixed asset record and the depreciation schedule associated with Financial Statement 9. Maintain filling all accounting, finance and taxation data & information (vouchers, report, etc) systematically and well organized 10. Secures financial information by computing database backups & protects organization's value by keeping information confidential 11. Working with team members and supervisor to complete duties as needed
3 bulan yang lalu
We are looking for a skilled Web programmer to join our IT team. You'll be responsible for designing, coding and improving our company web pages, programs and applications. As a Web programmer, you should write clean code to ensure our programs run properly and address our company needs. If you're passionate about building software and perform well working in a team, along with developers, engineers and web designers, we would like to meet you. Ultimately, you should be able to convert our company needs in functional and user-friendly websites and programs.
3 bulan yang lalu
Afront-endwebdeveloperis responsible for implementing visual elements that users see and interact with in a web application. They are usually supported by back- endwebdevelopers, who are responsible for server-side application logic and integration of the workfront-end developersdo.
11 hari yang lalu
This role will oversee development, execution, localization and delivery of content across all our channels. Your will drive GetPlus content marketing strategy, strategic media relations and programs to support of our corporate, product and partnership initiatives. The role will work with senior executives, cross-functional leaders and key strategic partners to manage major announcements, drive stories, and develop positioning and messaging for the company and our products. * Drive strategic communications and media strategy aligned with achieving GetPlus business and product objectives * Accountable for all content marketing and PR initiatives to drive traffic, engagement, leads, that deliver adoption and program usage * Provide strategic communications counsel to major internal and external stakeholders * Drive the positioning and messaging for major company initiatives, responses to issues and industry developments * Lead the creation of high-impact communications assets such as bylines and Op-Eds, fact sheets, playbooks, customer stories, videos * Build and manage brand awareness and PR budgets for the region on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. * Maintain and make available a calendar of PR activities to give Sales, Marketing and wider teams full visibility of the program. * Create and drive a customer evidence program to collect and promote customer stories. * Collect, monitor and analyze social, PR and website metrics, and make improvements accordingly to optimize the path to conversion * Stay updated on industry trends and adjust the content and PR strategy as needed * Deliver engaging content on a regular basis and inspire team members to do the same * Management of content team and external agencies.
2 bulan yang lalu
We are looking for a passionate designer to join our ever-growing team. You will be involved in the creation process of our branding and online marketing communication assets, as well as our product-related development. Working on a highly collaborative team, you will partner closely with the Product, Marketing and Sales Team to bring ideas to life. Responsibilities: 1. Produce modern, effective communicative visuals for promotion materials in different formats. 2. Able to handle multiple assignments simultaneously. 3. Stay updated on the latest design trends.
2 bulan yang lalu
As anaccount executive, you'll act as an important link between anadvertising agencyand its clients. In this salesjob, you'll be striving to understand your client's goals, and then organise theagency's creativeand administrative staff to help them produce effective campaigns.
12 hari yang lalu
* Bertanggung jawab melakukan koordinasi dengan departemen terkait atas petunjuk Creative Director, baik secara langsung maupun tidak langsung guna kepentingan departemennya. * Bertanggung jawab menciptakan ide kreatif tertentu, menyelesaikannya menjadi hasil karya yang komunikatif dengan eksekusi yang maksimal sesuai dengan target audience.
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* Good in estimating & establishing costs parameters and budgets for purchases. * Capability in maintaining accurate records of purchases and pricing and other important data is a must. * Good in administration and documentation (forms, vouchers, etc) * Review and analyze all vendors/suppliers, supply and price options. * Negotiate the best deal for pricing as well as establish and administer supply contracts. * Ensure the products/services procured at the optimal and high quality performance * Develops plan and maintain purchasing and general services process on schedule (eg: equipment maintenance, services & supplies) * Create and maintain inventory of all in/out coming and balances * Maintain and update list of suppliers/vendors with their qualification in products/services provided and delivery times. * Working with team members and supervisor to complete duties as needed
4 hari yang lalu
Data Analyst to turn data into information, information into insight and insight into business decisions. Data analyst responsibilities include conducting full life cycle activities to include requirements analysis and design, developing analysis and reporting capabilities, and continuously monitoring performance and quality control plans to identify improvements.
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