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Responsible for directing and coordinating the day-to-day corporate tax activities for business units, corporate support staff, the holding company and the consolidated group. Activities include tax forecasting, assisting management in the tax planning, development and implementation of tax minimization strategies including project management and results tracking. Manages compliance with the tax reporting requirements of the various business unit inMPM Group. Supports achievement of business goals through proactive partnership and development and implementation of tax policies and procedures. Key Roles: * Provide tax planning and monitoring the implementation * Provide Income tax return for the whole group * Liaise with operating companies (subsidiaries) on tax matters related to their operations (income tax, VAT, withholding tax, etc.) * Identify and mitigate tax risks * Manage tax provision and tax compliance process * Manage and coordinate tax audits * Provide and manage group’s transfer pricing policies and related documentation * Conduct extensive communication with company leadership across business functions (Accounting, Legal, Treasury, Financial Planning, Operations)
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Responsible for more complex finance/treasury activities around cash management, capital calculation, reporting and/or analysis to support the MPM group's cash management initiatives by assessing, monitoring, planning and managing the efficient utilization of cash and financial services in a manner consistent with the objectives of the Company. He/she handles many banking duties for the MPM Group in order to get optimum benefit from fund management. Key Roles: * Manage, and supervise all aspects of cash flow (cash flow projections, actual cash flow reports) * Creating and performing, plan control, and monitor sources and the allocation of funds (forecast daily cash requirements, and execute daily financing decisions) * Plan control, and monitor source and use of funds of the company and its subsidiaries (corporate wide transaction supervision) * Establish and improve fund planning management, settlement management, budget management and risk monitor system, provide analytical base for fund raising, investment and fund use strategy and decision. * Examine the payment of installment and other liabilities to get maximum benefit for the company. * Provide finance service and instruments support for purchasing/procurement processes. * Ensure the compliance of treasury related corporate standard operating procedures, in line with laws and regulations.
4 bulan yang lalu
Responsible to establish Standard Operational Procedures (SOP), maintain, monitoring and control implementation of system and procedures in the company. This position drives development process of policies, procedures, work instructions and/or guidelines for every function within organization and also manages and monitors policies and procedures implementation amongour subsidiaries. He/she also responsible to develop and administer risk management by assessing and identifying the potential risks that may hinder implementation of flawless business process, reputation, safety, security and financial prosperity of the company. Key Roles: * Identify needs and adequacy of implementation operational policies and procedures. * Initiate and facilitate business process mapping and improvement within the company to create lean and effective processes. * Provide guidance, consultation, and guidance to relevant departments on the procedure/system created. Develop or implement risk-assessment models or methodologies. * Develop and administer risk management by assessing (operational risk assessment) and identifying the potential risks in each department. * Maintain proper documentation and administration on Business Process Map and SOP. * Disseminate policies, procedures and risk profiles as well as system monitoring or evaluation of the implementation of policies, procedures and acceptable corporate risk profile in each business unit/department. * Develop and maintain corporate monitoring & reporting standard to top management in regards of implementation policies, procedures and risk mitigation.
4 bulan yang lalu
* Obtaining, monitor and maintaining company license(s) and permits. * Handling, administer and maintaining legal and contract administration. * Providing legal opinion and doing legal research. * Reviewing and drafting agreement of corporate legal issue such as purchase agreement of purchasing, shareholder resolution, financing, financing agreement, distributorship agreement, etc. * Conducting research related to permit/license. * Liaise with public notary, lawyer, government official for all corporate legal matters.
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