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* Obtaining, monitor and maintaining company license(s) and permits. * Handling, administer and maintaining legal and contract administration. * Providing legal opinion and doing legal research. * Reviewing and drafting agreement of corporate legal issue such as purchase agreement of purchasing, shareholder resolution, financing, financing agreement, distributorship agreement, etc. * Conducting research related to permit/license. * Liaise with public notary, lawyer, government official for all corporate legal matters.
7 bulan yang lalu
• Analyze recruitment request in order to ensure that recruitment is necessary so to avoid over-recruiting. • Process recruitments requests from users according to recruitment procedure. • Conduct selection activities end-to-end using the most suitable tools. • Provide recommendation to user on selected candidates based on selection results. • Provide recommendation for process improvement. • Responsible for first-day placement and follow-up HR processes as necessary.
5 bulan yang lalu
Function: Plan, organize, conduct, supervise and formally report on a scheduled audit. Job Description: 1. Conduct more complex audit activities to analyze and evaluate the performance of the organization’s financial, operational, and managerial processes systems to identify risks, areas for improvement, and to ensure that the organization complies with all relevant regulations, laws, and standards.2. Conduct routine and complex audit projects independently; plan, organize, and schedule own workload so that audit activities are completed accurately and on time. 3. Collect, examine, analyze, and verify information about the organization’s systems and processes by reviewing manuals, policies, reports, financial statements, and other written materials, and by interviewing organizational members where required. 4. Develop recommendations for changes to processes and systems that will minimize risk, improve performance and productivity and ensure that the organization complies with all relevant regulations, laws, and standards. 5. Prepare audit reports that accurately document the audit process and its findings. 6. Coach less experienced team members and help them resolve problems.
4 bulan yang lalu
MPM Young Talent Program is a group-wide acceleration program to create leaders across our myriad of industries. Trainees will get extensive exposure to different operating companies and work functions through actual work and project experience, mentoring and coaching, and in-class training to develop leadership and technical proficiencies.
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