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* Responsible for troubleshooting: troubleshoot in infrastructure application development, server device, and storage development, staging, and production * Responsible for system performance: maintain uptime, performance, resources, and security of the computers to meet the needs of users * Responsible for maintaining task in Jira * Responsible for response and troubleshoot outside the office * Responsible for upgrade: OKD, Openidap, Jenkins, support application upgrade to OKD * Maintain configuration, and reliable operation of systems, backup configuration, and documentation * Responsible for automating system or application configuration with various configuration management tools
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* Integrate diverse systems, networks, and servers to achieve overall aims. * Troubleshoot and debug system issues to increase performance and quality of data. * Document and create visual representations of systems and their inputs and outputs. * Optimize maintenance and deployments to ensure integrated functioning. * Find a solution for obstacles when trying to get these systems to work together: different operating systems, different programming and database languages, legacy systems that no longer have vendor support. * Able to apply engineering principles to these complex problems so that the systems can be effectively integrated. * Place emphasis on satisfying the functional, physical and operational performance requirements as communicated by stakeholders, in the intended use environments over the planned life cycle of the system, within cost and schedule constraints. * Solve problems of interoperability, which ensure new information is dispersed right away, that everyone within the organization gets the benefit of it, and that users have a consistent interface to work with. * Develop work plans and estimates as they relate to systems integration work tasks and team members * Research, evaluate, and recommend systems, equipment and technologies based on client needs * Provide client with post-installation and integration support. * Support the development of appropriate integration and testing strategies.
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Ensures that the risk to the DOKU’s information posted by a variety of cyber threats (cyber-attacks; theft or corruption from within; etc.) is minimized. When cyber-attacks occur or data are stolen or compromised, these incidents are dealt with promptly and effectively and the chance of that particular type of incident recurring is minimized. Main Responsibility: * Implement and administer system and procedures to ensure the protection of information processed, stored and transmitted * Ensure business relationships involving third parties, outsourcing and consultants meet DOKU’s Information protection requirements * Ensure that all highly sensitive & restricted information is identified as required by the policy & all applicable standards are followed * Resolve moderately complex issues regarding information systems security, including access control administration and violation analysis. * Assist in identifying security risks and exposures, including security violations by participating in security reviews, evaluations and risk assessments. * Collect and compile historical data on system access and generates reports and analyses * Record and respond to security incidents * Vulnerabilities scanning with security tools that are credible. * Device control & Software control administration * Monitor compliance to Security Standards (PCI, ISO 27001, CyberSecFramework) and conduct regular reviews * Information Security Awareness training * Maintain strong effective partnership with component teams as well as subject matter experts * Maintain a positive attitude and professionalism while dealing with difficult partners
3 bulan yang lalu
Description: * Have a passion for software engineering * Like to follow news and trends around IT especially around his/her skillset * Able to work in a team and can cope in a conflict situation and do conflict resolution * Able to speak up and communicate substantially to his team, leader or management * Have good understanding of application lifecycle and application delivery including design, coding, testing, and debugging * Able to write technical documentation
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Job Description: * Have passion in software engineering * Like to follow news and trends around IT especially around his/herskillset. * Able to work inteam and can cope in conflict situation and do conflict resolution. * Able to speak up and communicate substantially to his team, leader ormanagement. * Havegood understanding about application life cycle and applicationdelivery including design, coding, testing, and debugging. * Able to write technical documentation.
16 hari yang lalu
* Designing functional technology solutions * Leading software engineering team in developing software architecture road maps, reference architectures, and evangelizing adoption of architecture principles in the design and delivery of technology solutions. * Ensure software meets all requirements of quality, security, modifiability, extensibility, etc. * Oversee progress of the development team to ensure consistency with the initial design * Provide leadership and expertise in the development of standards, architectural governance, design patterns and practices * Develop tools to improve an existing process, including infrastructure reliability, service performance, and developer's productivity. * Continuously improve code quality, product execution, and user experience. * Coordinate across teams (Backend, Mobile, Frontend, DevOps, Data, UI/UX, QA etc.) on planning and execution
16 hari yang lalu

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