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Recruiting the best candidates starts with making the right first impression.
Urbanhire's intuitive tools help you to design and create a mobile-friendly careers page and job listings — and there's no coding required.

Employer Branding - Why It Matters

Employer Branding is more than just a buzz word in this day and age when the war of talent is fierce. It is something that makes the difference to your potential future employee between choosing you or the other company. Employer branding is your company’s reputation as a place of employment. And it matters.

Employer Branding - Why It Matters

Communicate How Awesome You Are

So, you have a wonderful working environment and great culture? Now, what? Communicate. You have to be able to communicate what you have to offer as a company to your potential candidates. Each company on Urbanhire owns a Career Page. This easily customizable Career Page allows you to deck up your own Career Page with photos and videos to help you communicate your company culture better.

Communicate How Awesome You Are

Spread The Word. Show It Off.

You have invested your time and effort in making your Career Page beautiful. There is no point if you cannot show it off to the world. Each Career Page in Urbanhire comes with a unique link so we can be part of your recruitment strategy. Since each candidate will be able to see your Career Page, make sure you make it counts!

Spread The Word. Show It Off

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